In Warframe, the best builds for Styanax are

In Warframe, the best builds for Styanax are ...

Only when he can identify the enemies he will face, Styanax never wonders where he can go to find them. That's how Warframe describes Styanax in its Arsenal, and it doesnt take much to realize thats not hyperbole.

Styanax summons his Axios Javelin and his Tharros shield into battle, which he uses as part of his abilities. If it connects, it will pull nearby enemies, just like Vaubans Bastille's vortex. Use it as an opener to disable enemies and bash them with your shields.

Styanax also has his Axios Javelin in his fourth ability, Final Stand, which sees him soar and unleash a barrage of javelins in the style of Pharahs Barrage in Overwatch, minus the famous justice rains from above! voice line. And while most Pharah mains know how vulnerable you are in the air, Styanax can either subdue his enemies with his first ability or outright tank the damage he receives in non-Steel

After each kill, Styanax' third ability, Rally Point, regenerates energy for him and his surrounding allies, and boosts his shields (and those of any nearby teammates) as a result. This gives Styanax valuable sustain by strengthening his shields and permitting plenty of shield-gating.

The second ability in Styanax's kit, Tharros Strike, restores some of Styanax's health, but the most crucial aspect of the ability is how easy it is to remove armor or shields from enemies even in Steel Path. Pair it with Axios Javelin to group up hordes of enemies and take them down with your weapons or your Final Stand.

Here are our favorite Styanax builds for Warframe, each with a mix of attributes. We aimed to achieve 200 percent Ability Strength on all of them to maximize Styanax's shield/armor strip, and we also tried to keep the builds relatively similar to the other when considering the use of Forma. In addition, we prefer Primed versions of Flow and Continuity whenever possible.

Styanax's best all-rounder is a bit of everything.

Weve also added Intensify to the base Flow and Vitality builds, though you won't need to level your Adaptation for those who want to have a lot of damage. At level zero, or 10 percent at max rank, you'll need to upgrade your mod.

The aura doesn't matter for this build, since we already have a max armor/shield strip, which renders both Corrosive Projection and Shield Disruption useless. Be careful when changing Styanaxs Aura polarity, as it will increase your Ability Strength significantly when using a weapon that can perform a lot of status effects.

If you do not have Umbral mods, you can slap in a Madurai (V) polarity for extra strength (and even bigger overshields if running Redirection) or switch to Primed Continuity.

Another Madurai (V) Forma may be inserted to add Umbral Vitality and Umbral Intensify, as well as a max-rank Adaptation, though the remaining 14 available capacities limit your options greatly. Alternately, you may slot in another Vazarin (D) polarity to add a max-rank Redirection instead (pushing Redirection to the built-in Vazarin slot).

The Undying: Best tanky Styanax build

Styanax is capable of being fairly strong on his own, but you may make him even more bulletproof with a host of mods that increase his survivability.

Three zero-Forma builds for a tanky Styanax. One focuses on sheer survivability, while the other two bulk up the 200-percent Ability Strength threshold with a good dose of sturdiness. One of them uses a minimum-level Adaptation mod rather than mitigating the Duration penalty from Transient Fortitude, while the other swaps around mods to avoid having any stats below 100 percent.

With just one Madurai (V) polarity, you may begin tweaking your build to add more firepower. Umbral Intensify and Umbral Vitality are now included in the mod, although you'll still need minimal Adaptation to use everything.

To avoid the Duration penalty, you can also substitute Augur Accord for Augur Message, but Styanax' second ability (Tharros Strike), which restores health, isn't affected by that stat. Additionally, Transient Fortitude, Intensify, and Augur Secrets make up room for a Vitality mod and a max-level Adaptation.

Best Ability Range Styanax build from Strike From Afar

Styanax suffers from the same set of limitations as other Warframes like Xaku: He benefits from basically all of his abilities (the only exception is his second ability, which isnt affected by Duration but still benefits from Efficiency and Range). Because of that, investing heavily in his range comes with the disadvantage of using Overextended, which drains your Strength. However, there are strategies that work to keep him from getting penalized by the game.

Without any Formas, a Range-based build can be fairly close right out of the gate. To counteract that, youll need Overextended, which will decrease your Efficiency, and Transient Fortitude, which increases your Efficiency at the cost of Duration. It's a tricky game, but one that doesnt leave much on the table for survival.

Blind Rage costs less than other mods due to a single Madurai (V) polarity. With Umbral Intensify, Blind Rage, and Augur Secrets, you can pass the 200 percent threshold while minimizing the disadvantages from the rest of the attributes.

Overextended: the finest Range-based Styanax build without Ability Strength

If sheer range is what you need, Warframe offers several strategies to boost your Styanaxs' range, although this does require sacrificing the entire armor/shield strip. This increases the range of all Styanax abilities, but it does require firepower.

The most range in your setup will be provided by this fairly inexpensive build, although you will need to waive the 200-percent Strength limit. With a single Forma, you can get much closer to it with two changes, bringing you to an astounding 99 percent reduction.