With a fresh gamble on Halos pedigree, EA is ready to roll the dice on Battlefield

With a fresh gamble on Halos pedigree, EA is ready to roll the dice on Battlefield ...

To say the least, the most recent Battlefield franchise updates have been deemed underwhelming by its players and supporters. Yet, even just weeks after players threatened to boycott the sluggish Battlefield 2042 game, EA remains committed to the franchise, naming Ridgeline Games a studio dedicated to creating a narrative campaign set in the Battlefield universe.

Ridgeline Games is a new studio that EA just launched. Marcus Lehto, who was a co-creator of one of the most famous games ever, will surely help the struggling Battlefield franchise recover from its problems, and compete with games like Call of Duty.

We're all in on Battlefield's future! #BF2042 is still going strong, and we're welcoming our new studio, @RidgelineGames, who'll be focusing on a narrative campaign.

Vince Zampella, who founded Respawn, will continue to lead the Battlefield studios, while DICE and Ripple Effect will continue to provide support for Battlefield 2042 and create new games in the Battlefield world. All of this appears to be part of the intention to create a connected Battlefield universe that includes many games and, most importantly, game genres.

Ridgeline Games looks to fit into that category. It's unclear if a narrative campaign will mean that there will be a fully new Battlefield game coming to the series, or if the next Battlefield title will simply include a more standard campaign mode alongside the extensive multiplayer experience the games are known for.

After the poor reception Battlefield 2042 received, it appears clear that the Zampella-led project to create this Battlefield universe will have to fight to regain fans. While there were improvements in the player base for the release of 2042s first two seasons recently, the game hasnt come close to achieving the level of popularity it saw upon release.

Ridgeline Games, no pressure.