Taric's Best Counters in League of Legends

Taric's Best Counters in League of Legends ...

Involvability can be a major obstacle to many players' existence in League of Legends. Only a few champions bring this type of buff to Summoners Rift, and only one pick brings a ton of tankiness, sustain, and good crowd control to boot: Taric.

Targonian, a gem-afiched lane guy, has a ton of different abilities that make him a tough opponent in the bottom lane, while also maintaining a significant impact on the mid-late game teamfights due to his many abilities.

Nevertheless, there are methods to outshine the shiniest of gems with some range and crowd control of your own. Here are the top Taric counters in League.


Janna has a slew of tools to peel for her AD carry, whether she attacks an adversary with a quick click of her ultimate ability, Monsoon. She also has a good deal of poke with her Zephyr ability, while being able to slowed dramatically in the process.


Taric will have to deal with too much crowd control and ranged attacks at almost every stage of the game. She can also bring a powerful shielding ability along with her Polymorph to stop any assault in its tracks by turning the enemy marksman into a squirrel.


Nami is ready to continue the trend against Taric, despite her lack of a basic ability that can deter attackers. Her most powerful weapon, Tidal Wave, will be nearly impossible to dodge due to her limited mobility. As a result, she can engage and devolve into her teammates at the touch of a button.


Soraka is a perfect example of a Taric counter role if you look up the term support in the Leagues imaginary dictionary. Whether its broad crowd control, great healing, or good poking abilities in lane with her Starcall, she can remain a nuisance from the first minute onward.


Zyra makes up for it by bringing a lot of crowd control and poke damage to Taric's matchup against him. With her plants infesting the lane throughout the early game, it's a fatal move for anyone to climb up in range of her abilities. Her plants do a lot of damage and will whittle down any target with ease.