When will Football Manager 2023 be released?

When will Football Manager 2023 be released? ...

Football Manager isn't just a game; it's an addiction. It's one of the most popular games for soccer supporters, football supporters, and whatever else you call the world's most popular sport, and the people who love it. And the depth of squad management and tactical flexibility in the game is difficult to beat as players strive to beat the greatest (and worst) teams in the world.

Football Manager 2023 will bring more of the same, with the usual improvements in user interface, simulation graphics, and more. For those players who want to live out the dream of being in charge of a soccer club, but dont want their own experience to tarnish the experience, this is the way to go.

Football Manager 2023 is also great news for PlayStation and Apple Arcade players as the game will be released for the first time on all major platforms with the release of the new game. Previous versions of the game were available on PC and Xbox, while the latest mobile version, Football Manager 2023 Touch, will be released on Nintendo Switch.

To be a fan of the Football Manager series, now is the time. When will the next game in the franchise be released?

Football Manager 23 release date

According to the official teaser for Football Manager released by Sports Interactive, the game will be released on November 8th.

Players may pre-order the latest Football Manager anytime before the official release date to receive a 20 percent discount on the game. Pre-orders made on the Epic Games Store, Steam, or Microsofts store will receive early access to the game beginning two weeks before the official launch date.