League of Legends' best Sivir counters

League of Legends' best Sivir counters ...

Sivir is one of the most difficult AD carries to defeat in League of Legends, since she can just step back, farm for a late game, and remain relatively safe with her spell shield ability. She has also re-introduced herself to the meta in solo and competitive play due to her powerful scaling abilities.

The boomerang-wielding warrior isnt infallible. She can be compared to a handful of different champions in lane and beyond, and can be placed so far behind that shell that her enemies must take too long to recover. Sivir is the game's favorite daughter, and these champions cause significant damage.

Here are the best Sivir counters in League.


At almost every stage of the game, Vaynes dueling is superior to Sivir, and as a result, she will be a nightmare to deal with. She is also very quick to respond to Sivirs incoming Q, and can even go invisible during her ultimate ability.


Draven is built to withstand any storm with his own ability kit and straightforward build path.


Twitch is no exception. Sivir needs some crowd control from his teammate to keep him safe. Even then, he will still be able to cause significant damage.


Lucian has so much dueling potential built into his kit from the start, and is able to dodge Sivir's boomerang with his own dash. With the right support, like a classic Nami pair, he can eliminate Sivir from level two due to the amount of raw damage he brings to the fight. She will need her teammates to stand up to Lucian.


In the right circumstances, Tristana can be a nightmare for Sivir. The only way to negate the damage from her Explosive Charge is for Sivir to use her Spell Shield. However, the yordle is difficult to escape in the early to mid-game stages of a match.