Will Football Manager 2023 Touch be available on the Apple Arcade?

Will Football Manager 2023 Touch be available on the Apple Arcade? ...

One of the most popular sports simulators will be available again to iPad users in the near future. Football Manager 2023 has confirmed that the title will be released soon on the platform.

Apple customers will finally have a chance to coach their own football club to glory, while sitting back with their phone in their hands wherever their travels take them. But will the game be available on the company's gaming service, Apple Arcade?

If you want to connect your Apple account to your general manager adventures, then you are in luck. SEGA has confirmed that the game will be available at the start of its release via Apple Arcade. Additionally, Apple enthusiasts will be able to connect their games across their many devices, from their phones to computers.

With one subscription to Arcade, players can start their career as an armchair GM on their iPhones, then move forward on their Macbooks to continue building on their successes, and finally tuning in and finalizing their well-earned dynasty through Apple TV.

Football Manager 2023 Touch's release date will be announced at a later date in October, as will more information about new features that will be added to the game. Check out the Arcade tab in the App Store to see when the latest edition of the game will be released.