After Fnatic's return to form in a victory over 100T, all EMEA teams have qualified for the VCT Champions 2022 playoffs

After Fnatic's return to form in a victory over 100T, all EMEA teams have qualified for the VCT Cham ...

The final decider match of the group stage of the 2022 VALORANT Champions tournament concluded today, putting an end to a wild first stage. In a rematch for the final spot in the playoffs, North Americas 100 Thieves and EMEAs Fnatic went head to head.

The team that beat out the competition would be the third team from their region to advance past the group stage, meaning that either every team from NA or every team from EMEA would qualify for the playoffs.

Despite Fnatics' poor form just a few days ago against FURIA, the team came together today to win 2-0 over 100T.

Fnatic chose to start the match on Bind, but quickly ran away with the map uncontested. 100T struggled in almost every round, with Will struggling to find value on Raze and Derrek unable to clutch out his signature one-vs-ones. 100T were down 10-2 at the half, an awful start into their attack.

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Alfajer, the only Turkish player to play in the Champions League in Istanbul, was by far the star of the map. Despite Fnatic's poor showing early on in the group stage, the players managed to keep everything in check today. Bind 13-5.

Despite such a difficult defeat, 100T returned to the stage smiling. Ascent is a map that Fnatic have had mixed results on. While it isnt the teams worst map, they have been losing it more often as of late.

Fnatic's recent development proved to be beneficial. Derke hasn't played Jett on the professional stage since March, but today he seemed to have missed a day of playing the agent. The formidable Jett play combined with Boasters apparent focus as the teams IGL kept Fnatic on top. The first half ended with the EMEA team up 8-4.

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Will's absence was a major factor for 100T in their first match against Fnatic. Although he wasn't playing well today, 100T would have to rely on his earlier dominance in this tournament.

100T began to struggle back and took three rounds in a row on their defense to give them some hope, but Fnatic came right back. Derrek was left in a one-vs-two on very low HP and Fnatic sealed the map 13-7.

The 100Ts 2022 season is now over. The squad, which consisted of mostly rookies, climbed through the LCQ in one of the best regions in the world and put up a fight here at Champions.

Every EMEA team that was sent to VCT Champions has made it out of the group stage. Fnatic will face XSET in their first playoff match in front of a live audience. Though the team showed some flaws early on in this tournament and earlier in the year, they have put themselves in a position to carry this momentum and confidence into their next match.

The playoff rounds of the 2022 VCT Champions tournament begin tomorrow at 9am CT, with Leviatan facing off against LOUD.