The best VCT Champions 2022 players from the group stage

The best VCT Champions 2022 players from the group stage ...

The group stage of VALORANT Champions 2022 has already generated a lot of interest via highlight plays, exceptional superstar performances, and even surprising results.

The appearance of China, the resurgence of North America, and the standard dominant group stage performance from top Korean team DRX have all been prominent at the Champions 2022 tournament.

But who was the greatest player from the group stage? Before the playoffs, let's take a look at some of the greatest players from VALORANT Champions 2022. All statistics come from and

Combat score leader: DRXs BuZz

If there is one thing to take from previous international VCT events, it's that DRX are the best team in the world in the group stage. BuZz Byung-chul, who led the pack in overall average combat score (ACS), was resurrected on Haven with an all-star Jett performance.


Shao, the most impactful player in the FPX and DRX, MaKo

No one was more essential to their respective teams' success in terms of player value, measured by the kill-assist-survive-trade percentage rating, or KAST, than FPXs Ingrid Goprsky and DRXs in MaKo Myeong-kwan. Shao has been a remarkable initiator and overall player, currently ranking in the top five in both K/D and assists per round. MaKo is hoping to reclaim the title of best controller, currently leading all

ShaoFPX83 percent
MaKoDRX83 percent
yayOpTic80 percent
kiNgg*Leviatan79 percent

*EDward Gamings SMonggy and DRXs stax both scored KAST ratings of 78%, but k1Ngg scored a higher ACS.

MVP: OpTics Yay

After a stunning group stage performance, OpTic is second in ACS, third in KAST rating, first in K/D, second in kills per round, and third in opening duel success rate.

Other statistics leaders from VALORANT Champions 2022 groups

  • Kill king: Yay led the field in K/D (1.80) and kills per round (0.99).
  • Best entry: Yay takes top honors in this category too, with a 79 percent opening duel success rate.
  • Most multi-kill rounds: Derke narrowly takes the top spot here, with 40 total rounds with two or more kills.