In Splatoon 3, how can I unlock more emotes?

In Splatoon 3, how can I unlock more emotes? ...

In Splatoon 3, emotes are a new way to show off your Inkling or Octoling flair.

When you first log in to the game for the first time and open your equip menu, you will notice you have one emote, and thats it: the typical basic emote everyone uses. So where exactly can you find others?

Trust us, we understand. We spent the first few hours trying to figure out where we should go, what we should do, and when we just randomly found an emote, everything clicked. So here's where you can find additional emotes in-game.

Where to find additional emotes

Catalog upgrades are the primary method of unlocking emotes. These are levels that can be awarded and leveled up by players by either participating in multiplayer missions or Salmon Run. At the end of every multiplayer match, you will see your catalog level go up slowly as its own EXP bar. This will give you an idea of how close you are to unlocking new stuff, such as emotes.

After a certain number of levels, emotes will be available to purchase by going into the general store for the game to update your level. These emotes and items will then show up briefly before being placed directly into your inventory.

Then, it's a case of just equipping the one you want and displaying it in your next matches to whatever your team or opponent is.