Tyler1 responds to the Sh*t Camp livestream

Tyler1 responds to the Sh*t Camp livestream ...

Shit Camp has returned for 2022, and despite some initial controversy, it has exploded with new content. Not everyone is a fan of the event, though, including League of Legends streamer Tyler1.

Tyler1 has been a fan of Shit Camp since the beginning, particularly after his brother and fellow League streamer Erobb221 decided to participate in the shenanigans. Erobb221 was kicked off from Twitch mid-Shit Camp, implying that he would not be permitted to participate in future QTCinderellas streams.

Tyler1 was still engaged in the drama during a recent stream, but was unconcerned about what he was seeing. Erobb221 was caught in a sleeve applying foundation to his face in the out-of-context video from Shit Camp. The camera then panned out and revealed that other male streamers were also wearing dresses.

Tyler1 said. I dont even want to know what the fuck is.

Tyler1 expressed that he thought Twitch's future to be a bit different in 2022. Streamers have started to participate in a wide variety of IRL activities and challenges.

Cmon, man No offense You do what makes you happy. Im not one to judge. But oh my Tyler1.

What is Shit Camp 2022?

For the first time in 2021, QTCinderella has hosted Shit Camp. The purpose of the event is to engage streamers from behind their screens and take them into the wilderness to observe how they interact with each other. They also undertake various tasks in an effort to return to their stream rooms.

Two teams take on challenges and embarrassing themselves during the week-long event, including Erobb221 who tried to fish, as well as scavenger hunts and trivia games.

Here are the two teams and their results so far.

Tyler1 will continue to stream League on Twitch and fantasize about the past days of Twitch where all people were playing video games.