Splatoon 3 shops and what to buy at each location

Splatoon 3 shops and what to buy at each location ...

The ability to customize your squid kids gear is one of the Splatoon series' hallmarks. Whether you're playing as an Inkling or an Octoling, you want to make sure your outfit is as flashy as your skills. Pairing fun outfits is half the fun of the game, as is demonstrating during the match.

More customization options are now available in Splatoon 3, including your locker, a colorful banner that identifies you from other squid kids youve played with recently, and your Splashtag, a decorative banner around your username.

Here's a list of all of the Splatoon 3 shops, including what you can buy at each one.

Naut Couture

Naut Couture, owned by nautilus Gnarly Eddy and his tiny snail helper Nails, sells all kinds of headgear. Players may purchase hats, headbands, glasses, masks, and other items with the coins theyve earned during the multiplayer modes. In Splatoon 2, all items in each shop rotate on a real-time basis, so youll have a few hours to see what's on display before it's sold for different gear.


Man-o-Wardrobe is the place to find all kinds of body gear for your squid kid. From T-shirts to long-sleeve shirts, the shop is managed by Jel La Fleur, an eccentric jellyfish who will teach the player everything they need to know about fashion. Tops, like headgear and shoes, grant small upgrades to a variety of actions in combat. These can be combined to make your squid kid a better all-around fighter.

Crush Station

Mr. Coco, who runs Crush Station, sells all types of foot gear, including sneakers, sandals, formal shoes, swimwear, and more. Like the other two shops, you'll need to play the game for a while to get the most out of it.

Ammo Knights

Ammo Knights is a place where squid kids can find the finest weapons in town. Players can choose from a wide selection of powerful weapons, including Dualies, Splattershots, Splat Rollers, and more. Sheldon Licenses can be earned by leveling up and using the same weapons repeatedly to increase proficiency.


Hotlantis is a store owned by a Harmonya customer who never left the business, so the store's stock rotates on a seasonal basis thanks to its wide selection of catalogs. Money can be exchanged for any of the available items during the next two years.