In League of Legends, the best Janna counters

In League of Legends, the best Janna counters ...

Janna, one of League of Legends' top enchanters, is a popular choice for several players due to her incredible power both in lane and later-stage teamfights.

Janna can use her Zephyr ability to poke at opponents, while also using her Howling Gale to engage and disengage a composition. Her ultimate ability is an incredible way to repel an enemy attack, while also granting immense healing to her allies.

However, if you're playing against a Janna, there are a few different champions that you may use to sabotage her effectiveness. Here are the best Janna counters in League.


Janna may be taken out shortly afterward due to her limited health pool. Blitzcrank has to constantly threaten an engage when Janna steps up to deal some poke damage or punish her whenever she mispositions during a tense late-game teamfight. This is a great way to divert the winds of battle into your favor.


Nautilus should be focusing on Janna whenever he gets a chance. Keep the pressure up so that the enemy duo cant walk up and cause poke damage. Instead, use your natural tankiness to push Janna out of the lane with a large trade.


Janna will have to dodge his hook or stun because of Pykes' incredible burst abilities. She will not have enough utility, except for her ultimate, to protect her or her partner from the devastating combo that the Bloodharbor Ripper can offer alongside his AD carry. He can also be quite mobile, making it difficult for Janna to get any abilities other than her Zephyr slow.


Janna may be caught out by his Nevermove if she falls too far from her marksman. Itll not only root her, but also allow Swain to trap her right in the waiting arms of his own teammate.


Morgana is a good fit when facing off against Janna because of her superior poke, wave clear, and spell shield. If the Fallen is able to strike a Dark Binding on her enemy, Janna will only have enough health to defend herself from the extra damage that the enemy duo will cause over the next two to three seconds.