Final Fantasy XIV: How to Get the Hippo Cart Mount

Final Fantasy XIV: How to Get the Hippo Cart Mount ...

Final Fantasy XIVs Patch 6.15 introduced the first beast tribe from the Endwalker expansion. The Arkasodaras have given much help to the Scions in bringing back the peace in Eorzea.

And now, players may complete various tasks to give back to the Thavnairs tribe. The next one to come will likely be the Loporrits, but Square Enix has yet to reveal a release date for this beast tribe.

Players may continue to improve their reputation by doing up to six daily quests per tribe a day. This will give them access to exclusive rewards while giving them decent XP.

In FFXIV, here's how to obtain the Hippo Cart mount.

How to get the Hippo Cart mount

The Hippo mount is unlocked by only one technique. It will be available in a tribe-specific shop immediately.

The Hippo mount will only be available in the shop when you have reached the seventh level of reputation with the tribe, called Sworn. Once youve reached that point, youll have to spend 18 tokens of the tribe's currency to purchase and unlock it.

If you haven't spent many tokens on the daily quests along the way, you should have around 50 tokens, which will be enough to purchase the mount.

Because you can only do six tasks a day, getting the mount will take weeks. You will have to wait for the daily reset before you will be able to increase your reputation with the tribe.

So be patient, as the tribe mounts are usually the last items you unlock in the beast tribe store.