For each map, the best and the worst VALORANT agents

For each map, the best and the worst VALORANT agents ...

VALORANT, a tactical shooter from Riot Games, combines traditional strategy-based combat with character abilities that enhance gameplay and add a whole new dimension to the game genre.

The game currently has seven different maps that all have different gameplay styles and styles and encourage players to pursue different abilities and styles in order to succeed. Players have 18 agents to choose from that have specific abilities that will suit some maps better than others.

Here is a list of the best agents to use on each of the current VALORANT maps.


Ascent is a two-site map that has three routes. The B site side of the map offers access through a room that is only accessible through entry on either side, often resulting in the defending team keeping an eye on the attackers' movements as they pass through the B site. A Site includes two long straights that connect onto the site and will allow players to go slower than the B site. A Third route is a completely open section of the map that can be used by the team that takes control due to the chokepoint

  • Jett: Jetts maneuverability and verticality let her reach numerous spots that provide high angles across mid and the A site. There are numerous cheeky elevated spots where she can throw knives mid-air from that will surely catch opponents off guard.
  • Sova: There are a plethora of angles for Sova to bounce unique shock and recon darts off of, making him viable in gathering early-round information and securing rounds in the post-plant.
  • Killjoy: The relatively small size of both spike sites makes Killjoys ultimate Lockdown even more viable in retakes. Each site has lots of corners and hidey-holes to place Alarmbots and Nanoswarms, too.
  • Viper: Viper is one of the strongest controllers in the game right now, but her line-ups are lackluster on Ascent. The layout of Ascent makes it hard for players to use her wall and orb properly, leaving a fraction of her kit useful.
  • Neon: Neon thrives on taking space quickly and not allowing the enemy team any time to react. While she can still be beneficial at times on Ascent, the number of long hallways and tight corners overall makes it difficult for Neon to clear easily with speed.
  • Yoru: There is simply too much space on Ascent for Yoru to get good advantages with his teleport. His ultimate can be used to take space and his flashes are still solid, but losing his ability to teleport without being seen cuts down on his usefulness.


Haven was the first map in VALORANT to include three sites. This changes the gameplay significantly since players will need to be aware of everything that is happening throughout the map. For defenders, this map will prove extremely difficult because they will have to cover all three sites at the same time and be prepared to reposition at any moment.

  • Raze: Razes Boombot is a tremendous tool on Haven, letting you flush players out of Garage, A Sewer, or any of the various hiding spots on the three sites. With so many short corridors and close angles, her Showstopper becomes so much more dangerous as well.
  • Chamber: With both sides having the ability to rotate quickly, having Chamber around to quickly Rendezvous between sites and catch rotators with Trademark is a necessity.
  • KAY/O: Looking for fast executes or trying to shut down a massive push? KAY/O can help with a well-placed ZERO/point knife throw.
  • Killjoy: Killjoy will always be a nuisance regardless of the map, but her strengths are lost on Haven with the extra bomb site and lack of oppressive turret placements. Other Sentinels like Cypher and Sage can hold down sites much easier.
  • Viper: With controllers like Astra, Omen and Brimstone in the game, its hard for Viper to shine on maps like Haven. Vipers wall is much more useful on the attack but gets lost on the defensive while her orb has the opposite effect.


Bind offers two completely different approaches for hackers to choose: B site requires attackers to go up a long straight leading to the site or two short choke points through Hookah. A site requires attackers to go through a shower building that exits onto the site or go through the middle of the map onto the A side through a short straight leading to an elbow.

  • Raze: All the benefits that Raze provides on Haven are multiplied on Bind. This map is built for her to clear out hiding spots with her utilities and use her satchels to fly into sites in rapid fashion.
  • Fade: Those same hiding spots can be cleared out by Fade as well. On Bind, her utility provides significantly more use than that of Sova or KAY/O.
  • Brimstone: Brimstone is the go-to controller choice for Bind. His Stim Beacon speed boost is a great option for teams looking to rapidly push sites from Hookah or Showers, and he can smoke off multiple chokepoints at once.
  • Cypher: Cyphers traps make for a great flank watch, but on Bind, there are very few places where Cyphers camera and traps can be properly set up to stop enemy advances. Sentinels like Sage and Chamber can hold enemies off much better.
  • Breach: Breach isnt the worst initiator that players can choose on Bind, but without the added corners, it doesnt allow his Aftershock to do the damage that its capable of. The best part of Breachs kit on Bind is his ultimate to clear out sites easily.
  • Yoru: Bind is another map that is difficult for Yoru to get teleports off easily. When his teleporting is cut out of his kit, it leaves him mostly with flashes that are only slightly helpful since they can be thrown and easily blind teammates.


Icebox's frozen environment allows for a wide range of out-of-reach positions for mobile agents. The A site allows for a close-quarters attack or defend the site, while the B site allows for slower playstyles, such as sniping.

  • Viper: With so many long corridors and open sites, having an agent that can wall off multiple angles at once and smoke off chokepoints is a necessity. Viper is great on Icebox and her ultimate is a cheat code for holding off retakes while on attack.
  • Chamber: Chamber thrives on getting opening kills with aggressive angles before teleporting away to safety on Icebox. The long corridors are perfect settings for his Headhunter and Tour De Force weapons as well.
  • Sova: Given how big the Icebox sites are, Sovas recon abilities are necessary to gain information before sending the team forward in attack rounds. There are also numerous angles to fire shock darts and Hunters Fury from in post-plant scenarios.
  • Neon: With tight corners to hide in on both sites, it can be difficult for Neon to dash into a site quickly and without being punished. Other duelists have a flash or other oppressive mechanics that make it easy to entry, while Neon is more likely to die quickly to a Judge in a corner.
  • Cypher: There are really no good places for Cyphers camera on Icebox for either site or in the middle of the map. The best Cypher can do is attempt to block off site entrances with his traps, but even then it isnt much to work with.
  • Fade: Fade has some great utility, but on Icebox, that usefulness diminishes somewhat. Her seekers can clear tight spaces but her Haunt can be easily avoided when thrown into the middle of sights because of the obstacles scattered about.


With exceptionally long corridors and massive spike sites, Breeze is an Operators' dream, as there are no tunnels left till mid. There's also a dropdown from tunnel to mid, but it's quite loud.

  • Jett/Chamber: Jett and Chamber are the ideal choices for the teams primary Operator player on Breeze. They both can get opening picks before dashing or teleporting to safety.
  • Skye: The limited radius of Sova and KAY/Os recon abilities makes Skye more ideal on Breeze. The damage drop-off on Breeze means that her healing abilities are more viable as well.
  • Viper: Like on Icebox, Viper is an ideal choice for splitting the large spike sites in half, choking off numerous angles in the process to make site executes easier on attack. Her Snake Bite is a superb choice in post-plant scenarios, too.
  • Phoenix: With Breeze being one of the biggest maps in VALORANT, it can be difficult for him to use his flashes, which have a short throwing range. Additionally, his wall has few added blocking capabilities, especially if the team already has someone like Viper.
  • Killjoy: Killjoy can hold down a site and cause issues, but outside with so many angles to watch, it can be hard for Killjoy to be left alone, giving her no real advantage over the other sentinels.
  • Reyna: While Reyna is one of the most popular agents in VALORANT, her short-ranged flashes pose a challenge just like Phoenixs. All players have to do is back up and take space while Reynas flashes are active since she cant throw them like KAY/O or Skye.


The most unusual VALORANT map's design is Fracture. Defenders start in the center of the map and split up to protect the two sites. Attackers can walk ziplines across the map and attack either site from two different angles.

  • Neon: Neons sprinting ability is pivotal to fast rotates on the attacker side, which is a necessity given how quickly defenders can rotate through their own spawn. Her Fast Lane and Relay Bolt abilities can provide additional cover while entering sites.
  • Breach: Breach is a destructive nuisance on Fracture. His Fault Line and Flashpoint abilities can help open up either side from any angle, and theyre an excellent deterrent on defense that can buy time for Breachs teammates to rotate. Rolling Thunder is a tremendous ultimate on Fracture too.
  • Brimstone: With attackers needing to rotate quickly, having a speed boost from Brimstones Stim Beacon is huge for getting from site to site. Having the ability to deploy up to three smokes at once is also important, and the destructiveness of his Orbital Strike is magnified on the small sites.
  • Astra: Astra can drive out players with her concussion and Gravity Well but her smokes and ultimate dont have the same pressure on Fracture. Controllers like Brimstone and Viper have the ability to drive the enemies off of a site with their ultimates, which Astra struggles with.
  • Sova: Fracture has too many angles to properly use his shock darts. There are too many places to watch and too many default spike plants for Sova to earn much value. But his ultimate still can be a threat to any post-plant situation.
  • Cypher: Once again, Cypher struggles to keep up on Fracture with two entry points to every site. With enemies having the ability to flank easily, Cyphers traps and camera wont be able to catch everything like on other maps.


Pearl is Riot's most straightforward VALORANT map. There are no gimmicks like teleporters, ziplines, or closeable doors. Like on many other maps, mid control is very important, but players can also battle at range in the enormous B long corridor.

  • Fade: Fades abilities are vital for attacking either site. Both sites have numerous angles, corners, and hiding spots for the defenders to sit in.
  • Chamber: Any map with long corridors and a mid area thats vital to map control, like on Breeze, will benefit from having a Chamber that can slow down opponents with Trademark and steal free opening kills.
  • Viper: The wide B long corridor and the size of the site itself makes having Viper a necessity. Her Toxic Screen can make taking B long and B site control much easier, and there are plenty of angles for her to deploy annoying Poison Clouds and Snake Bites.
  • Sage: Sages walls are a big part of her utility outside of her ability to heal and resurrect teammates. On Pearl, Sages walls are difficult to place correctly with a complex middle and multiple stairs, which make it easy for an enemy to peak over.
  • Killjoy: Killjoy struggles with holding down sites that can easily be flanked or have multiple entrances. Pearl has become known for easily flanking through middle, making Killjoys setup difficult to execute.
  • Sova: Sova can have some benefits with his arrow to get onto sites, but in the middle of the map, there is a lot that can be missed by his Recon Dart. With all the added objects throughout the map, it also makes it difficult for Sova players to hit key shock darts.