In Splatoon 3, how do I get Sheldon licenses?

In Splatoon 3, how do I get Sheldon licenses? ...

The selection of your weapon is one of the most enjoyable parts of Splatoon. Each weapon has its own sub-weapon and ultimate ability. Some weapons, like the paint roller-like Splat Roller and the bucket-shaped Slosher, are more unusual.

Sheldon Licenses is a game currency owned by Ammo Knights, the game's weapon shop, and is only earned by performing specific tasks. Its a procedure established to ensure that low-level players cant blitz everyone with high-powered weapons exceeding their level.

In Splatoon 3, here's how to obtain Sheldon licenses.

Obtaining Sheldon Licenses

Sheldon Licenses can be obtained as rewards for playing the same Splatoon 3s multiplayer modes. They can also be earned by consistently using the same weapon, which encourages players to pick one main weapon and stick to it for each match.

If you have saved enough Sheldon Licenses for the weapon you want, head over to Ammo Knights to exchange them for a new weapon. While weapon strength is tied to your level, you may exchange more licenses per weapon to obtain better weapons at lower levels.