How long does it take to beat Splatoon 3?

How long does it take to beat Splatoon 3? ...

Splatoon 3 is finally here. From partying to completing the campaign, there are plenty of ways to enjoy it.

The Agent Three story mode in Splatoon 3 will have players battle against Octarians, and it can serve as a great introduction for players who have never played a Splatoon game before. Turf War, Big Run, or Table Turf Battles

The majority of players will likely only complete the campaign once, as a result of the Splatoon 3s multiplayer game modes. The entire experience will take longer than expected.

How long does the Splatoon 3 campaign last?How long will it take to beat Splatoon 3?

Beating Splatoon 3 takes roughly eight to ten hours, depending on the players. Eurogamer, GameSpot, and IGNs Splatoon 3 playthroughs all lasted between eight and ten hours.

Depending on a player's gameplay style, the amount of time required to beat Splatoon 3 may vary. Skipping missions will naturally reduce the amount of time it takes to beat the game, but doing so might also cause players to miss out on the content.

Mission skipping can cut the timer to around four hours.

Even if you have never played Splatoon before, the campaign can serve as a nice return, as you can re-enact the mechanics in a new adventure.