TFT Set 7.5 Uncharted Realms: All dragons

TFT Set 7.5 Uncharted Realms: All dragons ...

Riot Games has doubled its dragons in Teamfight Tactics Set 7.5, reimagining the Dragon trait to allow multiple dragons to be in play at any time, while adding five more.

Dragonlands Uncharted Realms is now available for players to run up to 12 dragons at the same time. Each dragon still has an Origin trait that ticks up to three upon it being placed on the TFT board. Bonuses have been added to the Dragon trait that improves in quality as more dragons a player chooses to run on their team.

All dragons in TFT Set 7.5 were reduced, and two were added to tier three. A tier-three dragon is now worth six gold, while a tier-four is now worth seven gold, and tier-five is now worth eight gold.

Here are the 12 dragons players may compete against in Teamfight Tactics Set 7.5 Uncharted Realms, from a former Trainer to a new champion model.


Zippy, a new tier-three dragon, can be seen roaming around the TFT game board with a shield and knocking into enemies with a Guild trait. The dragon costs six gold to purchase in the shop and has Guild as an Origin trait. While having Zippy, an aggressive dragon that can sway an enemy team with its stun and deal severe damage to all three stars, it also costs six gold to acquire.

Zippy wants defensive TFT items and/or Thieves Gloves.


Nomsy is a full fledge tier-three dragon in TFT Set 7.5. He began his career as a frontline tank, but he still attacks additional random targets with his Fireball spell.


Daeja is still a tier-four dragon with the Mirage trait as its Origin. The dragon has no attack damage in Set 7.5 and will automatically pop off items Deathblade and Runaans Hurricane if a player attempts to equip Daeja with them. AP items like Archangels Staff or Hand of Justice are still preferred on Daeja.


Idas, a tier-four dragon with the Shimmerscale trait as their Origin, should always be on the frontline during combat, unless he is attempting to block Assassin units from hitting a backline carrier.

Shi Oh Yu

Shi Oh Yu is still a tier-four dragon in TFT Set 7.5, with Jade as its Origin. The Jade trait isnt as powerful as it was during Set Seven, but will still have an impact on the Uncharted Realms meta. Ideal items for Shi Oh Yu are still Blood Thirster and Edge of Night.


Sohm is a backline carrier that has Lagoon as its Origin. Blue Battery Augment is a must-have for Sohm, as well as AP items.


Whispers is still a viable vertical TFT Set 7.5 comp, especially Blood Thirster, as it is best with AD items. Unlike Set 7, Syfen can be played in a variety of comps within Uncharted Realms, activating the Whispers trait for additional armor and magic resistance shredding.

Swain Dragon Tyrant

Swain was a Tyrant as a Ragewing unit in Set 7, so it only makes sense that he has evolved into a dragon in TFT Set 7.5, with Tyrant in his name. The tier-four dragon now has a frontline tank as his Origin rather than a backline ranged carry. Ideal items on Swain are a combination of AP and defensive.

Aurelion Sol

Aurelion Sol had a rough time during Set Seven, and players are hoping for more from the tier-five dragon in Set 7.5. Astral is still Aurelion Sols Origin, in which the trait received a rework for Uncharted Realms. The dragon still casts black holes and wants a Mage emblem if possible.

Ao Shin

Ao Shin is a tier-five dragon who finishes his final legendary comp in Set 7.5. A Mage emblem on Ao Shin is powerful, similar to Aurelion Sol.


Shyvana, a tier-five dragon who was introduced as a support unit at the launch of Set 7.5, is often left out of vertical Ragewing builds. Morellonomicon and other AP items are ideal items for her.


Terra is a new tier-five dragon that creates a tank that attacks its allies using their Monolith unique Origin. Terra typically wants to be in the middle of the board and can deal out a lot of damage in addition to defending themselves.