In Splatoon 3, how do you change your gear?

In Splatoon 3, how do you change your gear? ...

Splatoon 3 is a competitive game in its purest form. From Turf Wars to Anarchy Battles, players' primary aim will be to outplay their opponents as much as possible in order to win.

Every little advantage on your side will help you achieve your goal in Splatoon 3. Gear also serves a secondary purpose. Gear comes with specific bonuses that can alter how you play Splatoon 3.

Depending on the game mode, you may require different gear to maintain an edge over your opponents, making changing your gear an integral part of Splatoon 3. Also, since your gear collection will only improve with time, it might be useful to have a few go-to items on hand.

How can you change your gear in Splatoon 3?

In Splatoon 3, here's how to change your gear:

  • Press the + button on your controller to open up the Equip menu.
  • Choose a Category.
  • Browse the Headgear, Clothes, and Shoe categories and equip the items of your choice.

While picking your outfit, you should also pay attention to the players' bonuses, as well as their looks. On the field, most athletes want to wear a cool-looking outfit, but bonuses count.

As they progress through the game, players will unlock additional garments. Gears may be purchased at various stores in the game. It's possible to save your credits until the community decides on the best option for competitive players.

This way, youll be guaranteed to get the most powerful Splatoon 3 gear in the game, giving yourself a jump start in every competitive match.