Minecraft Live 2022 is coming back with a major shift

Minecraft Live 2022 is coming back with a major shift ...

Minecraft continues to expand with a steady stream of new and exciting content, although it was initially released over ten years ago. With the recent reveal of Minecraft Legends and the ongoing stream of massive Minecraft updates with one of the most recent introducing horror through the addition of the Warden, the sandbox game franchise's future looks bright.

The Minecraft Live 2022 event will be packed to the brim with content players are eager to see. However, Minecraft Live 2022 will also have one major change from previous events.

The Minecraft Live 2022 event will feature a brand new mob voting procedure. The mob vote is one of the most popular games of the Minecraft Live event because it allows players to select a new mob that will be included as a new Minecraft component.

The Glow Squid was chosen by the community over the Moobloom and Iceologer in Minecraft Live 2021, to be voted into Minecraft permanently.

The mob vote was previously held on Twitter, but for the 2022 event, it will only be done through voting on Minecraft.net, the Minecraft launcher, and a special Bedrock server. So, players who want to take part in choosing which mob will be permanently added to Minecraft next should make sure they know how and where they will vote ahead of time.

When is Minecraft Live 2022?

On October 15, Minecraft Live 2022 will be livestreamed at 11am CT. Both channels are available on the official Minecraft YouTube channel or on Minecraft's official website.

The Minecraft Live event will begin on October 14 at 11 am CT and last for a total of 24 hours. During this time period, players may modify their vote however much they desire before the 24 hours run time.

The Minecraft Live 2022 event will feature a wide array of news, updates, and sneak peeks at the Minecraft universe's future. Both Minecraft Dungeons and Minecraft Legends will be included in Minecraft Live 2022.