Tons of new Variant skins and shop information are revealed in a new MultiVersus datamine

Tons of new Variant skins and shop information are revealed in a new MultiVersus datamine ...

MultiVersus has just received a new major upgrade, including new fighter Gizmo, and new hitboxes/hurtboxes that match each character's model.

In addition to the main update, several new files were added for things that are currently in development and that may not be revealed for some time yet. As usual, dataminers have already been digging through the files to discover all of the new content that will be released and begun sharing it with followers online.

Not much was revealed about potential new fighters in this update, but plenty of information and assets concerning upcoming Variant skins, profile cosmetics, and the in-game shop were all discovered. This includes our first glimpse at what shop items might appear like when displayed in that tab, as well as new text strings.

Here's a look at all of the new content that was leaked following the MultiVersus 1.02 release.

All MultiVersus leaks from the Gizmo update

This update includes several skins for another relative newcomer to the rosterMorty, some of which were previously datamined, but all assets for both Mortys Mecha and Evil Variants have now been deactivated and even played by some dataminers.


Both skins are references to short moments in the Rick and Morty series that might be difficult to miss the first time seeing, but have become standouts for fans of the series as a result.

The faces for two of Harley Quinn's skins have been updated, revealing the character's unique attitude through both a Task Force X and a Mad Love Variant, from her Suicide Squad and Batman: The Animated Series personas.

the Mad Love skin

Superman will also receive an entirely new appearance soon, according to dataminer AisulMV. The skin in the files is likely already quite advanced.

In the future, Superman will have a Clark skin (voicelines)

The Fern Finn Variant, which was previously unknown, is now more prominent in the games files. This time, there is evidence that this will likely be not only a different take on the Finn, as Cake was for Jake, but also a new reveal pack.

Fern (announcer pack only) voicelines

Tony Huynh, the game director at MultiVersus, stated that the team wanted to get the other major sections of the game out as swift as possible. This seems to be working out well as the first full assets from the in-game shop have been discovered, demonstrating that Player First Games is moving forward in its development.

The first image shows off a greyed-out Finn that's on sale, with Gleamium and Gold both displayed on the image. This isnt reflective of any item in the game, but it is likely to depict roughly what each Variant in the shop will display.

This template is a collection of shop items that was extended as well as a lot of code resembling a Wonder Woman shop.

Another image shows Harley Quinn in a grid of single images above, potentially illustrating how players may scroll through the items in that tab. This suggests that the items will only be in the shop for limited rotations, as this is the way item shops in live-service games work.

Here's how items will look in the shop! #Multiversus

The files and assets for a different Event Shop have also been discovered, although there are fewer details in this section. As of now, this will be tied to various special events and host items only available during certain periods of time, like exclusive Variants.

The first look at the event shop! #Multiversus

Gizmo has released a few different cosmetics that will allow players to customize their profiles and the actions they may perform during a match. For example, there are two unreleased Taunts that show him pouting with an umbrella and falling out of the box he hides in.

Umbrella and Wave taunts Gizmo unreleased

Gizmo and Rick were among the two new character level 14 profile photos that were discovered. While Gizmo is expected as he is the newest character, others have speculated that Rick will be introduced to the game next. This is still unconfirmed, although he is one of the three characters we know of soon, as well as Stripe and Black Adam. Rick and Gizmos level 14 pfps

MultiVersus is hosting a Batman Day event on September 17, which will coincide with DC Comics' usual celebration of the Dark Knight. During this event, players will have the opportunity to earn a new profile icon.

Promo + Icon for Batman Day

Players who participated in Evo 2022 will likely receive an exclusive new badge that they may use to decorate their banners as well. Different badges for 1st through 4th places and then for different groups below those spots will only ever own the Evo 2022 1st place badge.

FSHqHxXiGv is a picture from

The final major piece of content discovered in the update was the effects for Marvin the Martian, indicating that PFG may have yet another character nearing completion behind the scenes that has yet to be announced.

While he probably wont be released in the next couple of updates, information about the next Looney Tunes fighter might be revealed before the end of Season One.

Marvin the Martian's Effects! #Multiversus

In the future, there may be an update on the use of Beetlejuice, but for the time being, the data has been collected, and this is what players can look forward to.