Fortnite's 5th birthday cake is revealed early in a new leak

Fortnite's 5th birthday cake is revealed early in a new leak ...

Fortnite has managed to maintain and expand a user base that would match that of any previous live-service game over the past five years, and Epic is attempting to honor that with a cake and other items throughout the game.

MinaRado, a German Fortnite dataminer, posted the leak ahead of the battle royales' birthday on September 26. It's probable that Epic will unveil the cake and any other celebrations it may plan.

The Fortnite cake appears to be consumable, which implies that it might restore health and give players some sort of boost or ability in the short video posted on Twitter.

In-game image: Die B-Day Torte

Epic has presented various challenges that earned weapon wraps, emoticons, and back bling during past birthday celebrations. The game's third birthday brought the iconic cake emote that blows up in players' faces.

Fortnite Creative now includes new items such as prefabs, props, and maps created by patterns for the occasion.

Epic will have to postpone its celebrations until after the start of Season Three, season four. With the rumors about how haunting the next season will be, it might be a strange time to commemorate the battle royale.

Even if that is the case, players will still be eager to remember the game's birthday.

Players will soon be able to eat all of the cake they desire, whether it is during the rainbow season or the next gloomy one.