Disguised Toast urges Twitch followers to refrain from referring to him as Among Us

Disguised Toast urges Twitch followers to refrain from referring to him as Among Us ...

Jeremy Disguised Toast Wang was synonymous with Among Us at the height of its craze in the second half of 2020. His vast brain deception and deductive abilities were, quite simply, unparalleled.

Along with Corpse Husband, Sykkuno, and Valkyrae, he was one of the infamous Amigops crew, whose exploits often made headlines and highlight reels.

Despite their differences, viewers still associate him with the now-dead game.

Toast still plays it from time to time, but not as much as before; he wants people to stop acting like it is; according to the star, there's more to his content than Among Us these days.

After he saw a YouTube video he created with CDawgVA, which played an Among Us soundtrack when Toast appeared on camera, the thought crossed his head.

He explained in disbelief that he was introduced to me with the Among Us soundbite. Guys, I'm more than just Among Us, you see. I used to be one of the biggest Hearthstone streamers and TFT streamers.

Toast's long streaming career is well-known. However, newer users who joined the Among Us movement might not. So, he wanted to remind them.

Among Us was my most recent project, but I do others, according to the speaker.

Toast continued: Im not the Among Us guy, you know? Ive been dubbed the Among Us guy. I was streaming with him and his conversation referred me to him as the Among Us guy.

Despite his dislike for Toast, the reality is that his popularity has increased more in response to Among Us streams than any other content.

So, it is inevitable for him to be associated with the title.

However, it will not be forever that way, especially if something else drives up a new viewership boom, and considering his remarks, Toast seems to be willing to wait.