Fuslie claims that a stressful Twitch episode influenced YouTube's decision

Fuslie claims that a stressful Twitch episode influenced YouTube's decision ...

100 Thieves member Lesie Fuslie Fu, YouTube's latest streamer acquisition, says her decision to switch platforms was influenced by a number of things, including a major concern she had with Twitch.

According to her, Amazon's own platform has a much stricter and less forgiving approach to issuing DMCA strikes than YouTube, which she describes as terrifying and stressful.

YouTube's DMCA strike system is simple, Fuslie explained. A dashboard informs her when something has been flagged, and gives her the chance to correct it. If she ignores it, shell gets a channel strike.

Twitchs, on the other hand, was a lot more unruly in her experiences.

On Twitch it's like, Hey, two years ago there was this video, you were listening to Ariana Grande, and you listened to it two times in one day, so that's two strikes on your channel, she said.

One more and you'll have to permanently remove your channel.

Fuslie claims that when she called out to Twitch staff about previous DMCA strikes, they told her there was nothing they could do to help. That's triggering my fears.

They literally told me, Hey, all we can do is tell you to take down every video you have, but we dont have a way for you to take down those recordings because we didnt anticipate this happening, and we have nothing to protect you.

She worked with friendly and sympathetic Twitch employees, but this did not change the fact that her entire channel might have been shut down at any moment if she did not follow their instructions.

She said she was surprised to hear that directly, while she was panicking in the DMs. Living in that area was extremely stressful on a daily [basis]. It's a frustrating thing to not know.

Maybe thats why she didnt hesitate to blurt some light on Twitch in her YouTube announcement video. It was an act that even caught Sykkuno by surprise considering how long she had been on Amazon's own platform.

However, since she's moved on, she couldn't be happier. Not only because she's joined friends, but because she's safer in the DMCA system on YouTube.