In Splatoon 3, how do I get a Squid Surge?

In Splatoon 3, how do I get a Squid Surge? ...

Splatoon 3 is finally here, and while you're getting started on the inking process, there'll be some improvements you'll find.

The Squid Surge is a movement technique that your character will launch into the sky when you do it, allowing you to take the edge over your opponents or simply get around faster.

This Splatoon 3 technique is undoubtedly easier to utilize, but if you aren't aware of how it works, you might not be able to benefit from it.

How to perform a Squid Surge in Splatoon 3

Performing a Squid Surge takes only a second and can be a tremendously useful way to move around the map in Splatoon 3. If you can, then here is a step-by-step guide to accomplishing a Squid Surge in seconds.

  • First, make sure youve inked up the surface of the ground and the vertical wall you plan on surging from.
  • Now hold ZL and head to the wall while submerged in your Ink.
  • Once youre climbing the wall and near the top, youll want to hold down the B button.
  • Hold in B until you notice a flash on your character and now once you let go you will be able to surge into the skies. Its that simple!

Now you have all the knowledge to Squid Surge in any Splatoon mode, but be cautious when attempting to do so as it will not function as intended.