In Splatoon 3s Salmon Run co-op mode, all Boss Salmonid weaknesses

In Splatoon 3s Salmon Run co-op mode, all Boss Salmonid weaknesses ...

Salmon Run is Splatoon 3's newest co-op experience. With the sequel to previous iterations, the Nintendo gods have spoiled lovers of couch co-ops. This new experience will introduce new enemies, new weapons, and, most importantly, new bosses.

With the goal of collecting Golden Eggs, players will battle four enemy hordes.

Heres a list of all the boss Salmonids

The Big Shots launcher launches a cannonball that bounces up and down upon impact, sending a shockwave that will rock players to their core.

The only way to dethrone this wriggling fox is to exorcise the Salmonid underneath it.

These little fish sticks are used to shoot ink from the clouds and run rings around the pillar, and players will have to fire each one out with ink shots to get the entire thing out. Users may climb atop the pillar and watch the rain drop down upon them.

These guys are equipped with powerful armor that players will have to tear apart to make a hole. Flipper-floppers shoot a ring of ink at players and commit to a massive dolphin belly flop with the aim of defeating users.

Shoot the Flipper-Flopper in the air; thats when they're at their worst vulnerable points. Players can also shoot ink within their rings, making them incapable of diving.

UFO-looking enemies in trash can lids fly around the skies. Each Slammin Lid has a Salmonid in its cockpit. Salmonids will flood the floor beneath it as it circles the area around players.

Stay out of the Army's force field, otherwise it will squish you.

Take out the pilot and you're done. A good Splatoon 3 strategy is to go into the force field and dodge its slam, leaving the pilot exposed.

In Splatoon 3, all of Boss Salmonid's weaknesses are listed here, making it simple to outwit any horde that comes your way.