Fear the LCO: Tally rates the fearsome 27-1 Chiefs as the best hope to take Oceania to Worlds groups

Fear the LCO: Tally rates the fearsome 27-1 Chiefs as the best hope to take Oceania to Worlds groups ...

James Tally Shute, the now three-time Worlds representative, believes that this time it will be different. Oceania is forming groups this time.

Anything less would be a failure for this team, according to the speaker.

Maybe it's adrenaline and emotion. Tally and the Chiefs had just wrapped a six-year wait for the orgs next League championship. And it was in front of an Australian crowd shaking off the heavy-set cobwebs of COVID-19-enforced isolation.

It's enough to make anyone giggle. Even League veterans.

Tally admits it all: Oh god, im ecstatic. Every Chiefs player's euphoria is apparent after their split ended 271 and they won the LCO championship.

The Chiefs' star remarked that not getting groups is a disgrace for us.

Tally oozes confidence in the ESL press room as he discusses Oceanias latest champions. It's not cockiness either. (He does add later that whenever someone is cocky it immediately gets shut down.) It's pure, unbridled faith.

I just think this is the finest team we have sent. If there was a lot of pentagon [for stats] we've filled out every player. Were really confident. And, even better, the team is almost full of League veterans that have been before. Only jungler Arthur will compete in his first World Cup appearances.

Tally said that this experience is a huge plus for us.

The second time I went, I knew what to anticipate: schedules, food, hotels, and practice. We all know what to expect, so we can just practice and focus on our game.

The Chiefs have little time to spare to celebrate their DreamHack Melbourne triumph, as the Worlds' work begins rapidly. The newly-crowned Oceanic representatives are flying off to Australia as soon as September 10, where theyll bootcamp for nearly three weeks before the Play-Ins groups begin on Thursday, September 29.

Tally has already begun pouring over other wildcards.

So far, the 25-year-old League veteran likes what he sees. Honestly, the other wildcard areas [well be facing] just dont look very good. Im not saying we were super confident and that were only going to ruin them, but I think the room is there for us to thrive. We need to know them. That will make the difference between making it out and losing.

He continued: Im pretty confident we will be able to defeat the lower regions, especially if we get them in the best of fives. I think we can go to groups [if it lines up], definitely.

Tally and Legacy won every wildcard contender they faced in the 2020 World Cup, even adding an EU scalp to the team when facing MAD Lions. Only Team Liquid (20) and LNG (3 losses in a best of five series) managed to break their nexus.

The same holds true for PEACE's run last year; the Oceanic Champions that season only lost to LNG, Hanwha, and Cloud9 but ultimately won 32 games.

In 2019, the last time OCE was lost to a wildcard was Mammoth against UOL.

Oceania is a dismal wildcard island, but I looked it up: We have a 90 percent win rate against other wildcards, according to the author.

Since Ive gone to the Worlds, Im not even sure I've lost to a wildcard region, the Chiefs mid laner continued. (Hes right too, per the stats above.) So im really confident this roster can accomplish incredible feats once we travel to Mexico.

And so he warns: Everyone [at Worlds] should keep their eyes on us.

This weekend the Chiefs will compete in the 2022 World Championship. Their international tournament will begin on September 29, with the Play-Ins draw scheduled for this Sunday.