The secret NieR: Automata church level is now open for all players to explore

The secret NieR: Automata church level is now open for all players to explore ...

A bizarre NieR: Automata Reddit post suddenly popped up a few months ago. The mysterious video revealed a door to a hidden church that previous users had not seen.

Most NieR fans think the game is an undiscovered Easter egg due to the current release capabilities of the title and its files. Any of the things that were done in the video have been discussed in a Reddit post.

It was no surprise for it to explode, given that Yoko Taro, the author of the NieR series, is no stranger to incorporating things like this into his games.

Yoko Taro and Yosuke Saito, both designers of the NieR series, sparked outrage by responding to the mystery. Today, however, my number of followers increased by more than 1000 points. However, I am not what you expected. Normaly, I do not tweet in English because I am so stupid.

He also said: I love sausage and beer. Best guards [sic].

Dear followers,Yesterday, my number of followers has increased by more than 1000 counts. I am however, not what you expected. Because I am so stupid. And I love sausage and beer. Best guards.

Yosuke Saito also replied cryptically, saying, "Eternal mystery."

Eternal mystery

Both men are known to make cryptic tweets to promote their projects, so by responding to the hidden church message, they opened a lot of doors to the secret room.

All of it was a brief stay as it was later revealed that all it was was a paid promotion for newly developed mod tools, which surprised the community as it sounded like a huge leap for the NieR modding community considering how much new stuff was available.

DevolasRevengeance, the now-famous mod, has revealed that it is now available for play by the general public.

The mods for this section even made a reference to the original post that blew it up. The mod consists of the church and a free roam mode. An optional file to remove the white particle is also included, as some players prefer it removed.

NexusMods has a church mod for those who are interested.