In Splatoon 3, how do you personalize your locker?

In Splatoon 3, how do you personalize your locker? ...

Splatoon 3 offers players a wide range of ways to make their mark on the world the game dwells in, whether it be by creating original artwork or simply adding decor to the player's locker.

The locker is another new feature for the Splatoon sequel that does not offer any in-game bonuses but instead provides players with a new surface to customize and display their favorite items and stickers.

If you are a new Splatoon 3 player who wants to get straight into the locker customization action, here are a few things you should know first.

How to customize your Splatoon 3 locker

The locker room is located in the lobby area on the right-hand side of the terminal, and this is where you can modify both its appearance and the items stored there. Along with your locker are those of players you recently connected with.

You will need to complete two tasks in order to modify your locker. The first is reaching level four in the game, while the second is visiting Harmonys general store.

Once you've figured out how to personalize the locker, you can place stickers on the outside to make it unique and exactly how you like it. You may also relocate weapons, gear, and decorations inside.

Many of these customizations can be seen in the story or Hotlantis.

Hotlantis is a new store in Splatoon 3, that sells all the items youll need to decorate your locker. You can purchase stickers, posters, and other cosmetics by spending money collected during multiplayer games.

Due to the fact that Hotlantis is a seasonal product, you will want to get your hands on new items in the catalog every few months. This means every few months a new catalog will be released with new Splatoon 3 cosmetics for players to purchase.