In Overwatch 2, Seagull lashes out at Blizzard for putting sequel hero Kiriko behind a battle pass

In Overwatch 2, Seagull lashes out at Blizzard for putting sequel hero Kiriko behind a battle pass ...

Brandon Seagull Larned, a former Overwatch League player, is dissatisfied with Blizzards decision to lock the new hero behind a battle pass.

Kiriko has been confirmed as the newest Overwatch 2 support hero after years of speculation and speculation, although Blizzard has already stated that the new hero will not be playable until the games launch on October 4.

In the Overwatch sequel, Kiriko will be unlocked using the newly implemented battle pass system, according to developers. However, the hero will not be readily available upon launch.

More information on the Season One Battle Pass will be forthcoming shortly, but the Overwatch community already doesnt like what theyve heard so far.

This includes Seagull, who raped about the battle pass in a recent stream.

Seagull reacts to Overwatch 2's battle pass system.

Seagull has been streaming Overwatch full-time for a while now. He said in a recent Twitch stream on September 8 that support mains have been waiting for a new support hero for a while now. This is what made the battle pass system even more jaded to the fanbase.

Support heroes do not get a character for two and a half years. The first support hero they get is Like, damn bitch. You gotta grind for this shit.

Seagull explained what made the battle pass system so different. He said that new heroes Sojourn and Junker Queen will be available at launch. But Kiriko will be the odd one out players have to pay for or grind for.

Why don't you have to wait until the release of the three main characters for all of the seasons following that you'll have to wrestle for No, Seagull said. They're like, You're going in the pass, bitch. It's so funny, dude.

Kiriko's inclusion in the battle pass appeared to me to be rubbing Seagull the wrong way. Others in the Overwatch fandom have expressed their displeasure over how much Kiriko will cost or how long it will take to unlock her. Some leakers have previously stated that it may take days.

The details of the Battle Pass are largely a mystery for the time being. Some battle pass rewards have been leaked, including a Legendary skin for Kiriko and more than 80 other cosmetics.

The new hero is also a part of the leaked battle pass rewards.

Rewards for Overwatch 2 Battle PassThe #Overwatch2 Season 1 Battle Pass bonuses that have been revealed so far are as followsNew Support Hero: KirikoMythic Skin: Cyber Demon GenjiLegendary Skin: Hinotori (: Phoenix) Kiriko80+ New CosmeticsNew Hero (Free track)

The Overwatch 2 Battle Pass will be revealed in the near future by Blizzard developers, which might help address some of the community's concerns.