In Disney Dreamlight Valley, the best methods to develop Friendships are

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, the best methods to develop Friendships are ...

Disney Dreamlight Valley is a great adventure life-sim stuffed with iconic, timeless Disney characters set in the magical new world of Dreamlight Valley. Begin your new life, crafting, decorating, and even designing your own wardrobe, while completing various themed quests.

What Are the Differences between Disney Dreamlight Valley Friends?

Friendships are essential in Dreamlight Valley, not only because they help you develop your story and explore new Biomes, but also because they can reward you in ways different from your character and house. Once you have reached level two of Friendship with them, you may also assign Companion Roles for them that increase your harvesting and gathering abilities.

Friendships in Disney Dreamlight Valley: The Best Ways

Except for Quest items, a great way to increase Friendship with characters is by giving them presents. Try to make them meals instead. The more meal stars, the more it will increase their Friendship.

When you launch the Gifting menu, there are certain items you will find on the bottom right of the screen for the whole day. These few items will double the Friendship of players when given to them for the whole day. Make sure to give them these items as much as you can.

If you're trying to increase your Friendship with a character, you'll want to ask them to hang out. A character will usually follow you around and complete tasks with you. Certain harvesting activities will increase your Friendship with them, but even more so if you do the activities assigned in their Companion Roles.

If a character is trained to Gardening, each step in this activity will increase their Friendship more than any other. The stars above their heads indicate they are growing Friendship with you, and the more stars revealed, the better.

Complete Quests for them, and the Friendship will improve. Check the Rewards section under the information to see what rewards you will receive for accomplishing the task. The pink stars shown here indicate you will receive a Friendship increase, and the greater the quantity, the stronger the Friendship will increase.

Without friends, you will not be able to walk through Dreamlight Valley. They provide vital bonuses to help you succeed in all your endeavors, and reward you with fun, themed rewards to decorate your character and house.

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