Best Zone Wars Maps for Fortnite Zone Wars Codes (September 2022)

Best Zone Wars Maps for Fortnite Zone Wars Codes (September 2022) ...

The Fortnite Zone Wars Codes List includes some of the best level options for players who want to improve for endgame situations. This map type basically emulates the boxing, snaking, and tunneling gameplay that is required in late games of competitive games.

Best Fortnite Zone Wars Map Codes List

Best Fortnite Zone Wars Maps

Tilted Zone Wars (Floor is Lava) Map Code: 3202-7855-7715

If you like multitasking, this is a unique Zone Wars map that adds a new twist on an already classic game: the Floor is Lava dynamic. Players will have to keep an eye on the obstacles that are closing in around you.

9700-3224-6429: Desert Zone Wars Map Code

Desert Zone Wars was designed so well that players wanted to try out more zone wars maps stationed in the desert, and map designers quickly worked to create maps to fit the growing trend. This map has even made our list of top Zone Wars maps overall!

7296-4357-0186: Duo Box PVP Zone Wars Map Code

Combine one part Box Fight with one part Zone Wars and you'll have the perfect combination for an intense battle that keeps you firing your rifle from start to finish! Play short, fast-paced rounds against other Duos teams that are playing just as erratic as you, as this map requires players to have fast reflexes and close-quarters combat skills to win!

3305-1551-7747: Go Goated 3v3v3v3v3v3 Map Code:

Many consider Go Goated 3v3v3v3 to be the gold standard of team bases zone wars maps. It has withstanded the test of time and has a permanent place in the Fortnite Discovery Tab, with it always being on the top list of most popular Zone Wars maps and occasionally showing up on other most popular map lists.

4059-2791-0712Bio's Zone Wars Custom Squads Map Code: 0007-2048-2784

Bio's Zone Wars maps were created during Fortnite's Chapter 2. They have stood the test of time to be regarded as one of the finest Zone Wars maps. Both maps are still played and often featured by Epic in the Fortnite Creative Discovery tab.

The Downhill River Zone Wars of Enigma Chapter 3 Map Code: 6564-6863-3031

Enigma is a well-known map-maker in the Fortnite community, and they're well-known for generating only top-quality maps. However, because sliding is now a game mechanic, they've altered their map to reflect a fresh look!

1760-0152-1306: Tilted Zone Wars Map Code

Tilted Towers has recently reintroduced Battle Royale, allowing this map to recreate the feel of the almost five-year-old Battle Royale location. This will likely be one of the most popular Zone Wars maps for several months as Chapter 3 has recently added Tilted Towers.

5075-5123-5617: Zonewars Catch Duos

Zone Wars maps are common, as are Catch! game mechanics. However, nobody seems to have thought about combining them until now. You may only use throwable items, just like in the Catch! LTM. This map is also a Duos map!

1541-4258-1328: The Jungle Zone Wars Map Code

This map is based on aesthetics. Players compete in a battle that feels like a Stealthy Stronghold expansion. Jungle-themed scenery and terrain make it much harder to spot your opponents; defeating them requires you to put on your best game!

2829-5679-5518: Zone Wars & Box Fight Galaxy Aesthetic Map Code

Zone Wars & Box Fight - Galaxy Aesthetic is a two-player variant of the Jungle Zone Wars wild survival theme. Players may choose to vote for a game they'd like to play in every round, and the map can accommodate up to 16 players!