Scarlet and Violet may have big-scale Pokemon battles

Scarlet and Violet may have big-scale Pokemon battles ...

Many new features are being introduced by Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, including what appear to be large-scale Pokemon battles, at least for the series. This is most likely the new auto-battles that will be included in the new entries.

Around the 44-second mark, you can see the player controlling one or two Pokemon while battling against multiple Pokemon. This new auto-battling will allow players to battle in the overworld, but it is unclear how many can be in a single confrontation.

The Pokemon Scarlet and Violet battles will be significantly different from the previous versions. Just ensure you choose a fight you can win.

This is just one of many new features for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. The open-world mode is pulling out all the stops, and including these larger-than-life scenarios is a wonderful experience.