Beekeepers Codes (September 2022): Free Honey, Jelly, and Treats

Beekeepers Codes (September 2022): Free Honey, Jelly, and Treats ...

Do you like bees, honey, or other sweet treats? If so, then Beekeepers! is the game for you. You will maintain your hive while searching the world for useful resources to restore to your hive.

Beekeepers! will provide you with Honey, Jelly, and more, so keep an eye on them. These codes will also have expiration dates, so you must use them as soon as they expire.

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All Beekeepers!Codes List

Updated on September 7, 2022

One more code has been added.

  • exoticoopsieRedeem for 1 Mystical Royal Jelly (New) (Note: Must have at least two days of play time to claim)
  • jellyjellyjellyRedeem for 3 Royal Jellies and 1 Infused Royal Jelly
  • mysticalmadnessRedeem for 1 Mystical Jelly
  • absolutelyinsane1mRedeem for Treats and Boosts
  • sorryfortheshutdownRedeem for 1 Yellow Iced Treat and 2 Daffodil Field Boosts
  • 250kvisitsRedeem for a 24 hour Party Boost, 3 White Iced Treats, and a Legendary Royal Jelly!
  • noway100k1 Infused Royal Jelly, 1000 Honey
  • thnxsausagesFree Rewards
  • buzzybakery1 Red Iced Treat, 1 White Iced Treat, 1 Blue Iced Treat.
  • oink1 Royal Jelly
  • onge10 Orange
  • convertercode1 Royal Jelly, 1 Pocket Converter, 400 Honey
  • brick1,337 Honey
  • 5382131 Infused Royal Jelly
  • No expired codes at the moment!

Roblox Beekeepers!Codes FAQ

Roblox Beekeepers! codes are explained in this article.

How to redeem codes in Beekeepers!

Beekeepers! codes are useful for quick access to resources and rewards. Here's how to redeem codes in Beekeepers!

  • Click on the cog symbol in the bottom right of the screen.
  • Select the Code box.
  • Enter the code and redeem.

How to get more Beekeepers!Codes

The best way to get more codes is to join the Beekeepers! Discord Server. This is the finest way to get more codes for Beekeepers!. You can also check back here for more codes as they become available!

Beekeepers! is managed by the developer and how long they are active. Some codes may expire faster than others, and others may not work with others. If a code does not work for you, bookmark this page and revisit it frequently to see if new codes have been added or if some have expired.

What is a Beekeepers! game?

Beekeepers! is all about the wonderful world of bees. Create your hive and discover the world to find butterflies, caterpillars, and more. Use honey and jelly to upgrade your equipment and hive, and become the world's best beekeeper.