Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Gym Leaders (So far)

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Gym Leaders (So far) ...

Gym Leaders are among the most important Pokemon characters, and they are often challenged one by one to become the Pokemon League Champion. As such, each generation will see new Gym Leaders. This may leave you wondering about the Gym Leaders in the Paldea region in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

All Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Gym Leaders

Because of the open-world nature of the games, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, you may challenge Gym Leaders in any order you desire, rather than in the usual linear fashion the series is famous for. We will update this article with additional information when available.

Brassius is the Gym Leader of Artazon town and specializes in Grass-type Pokemon. Artazon Town is packed with flowers and art, and this is reflected in Brassius' style. Sudowoodo, a Rock-type Pokemon that appears to be a Grass-type Pokemon, is a must-have item.

Grusha is a professional snowboarder and Gym Leader at the Glaseado Gym. His signature Pokemon is Cetitan, the Ice-type whale Pokemon. When challenging Grusha, you will want to bring Fire, Steel, Rock, or Fighting-type Pokemon.

Which Pokemon types will be Scarlet and Violet Gym Leaders?

Although we don't know what the remaining Gym types will be in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, we can make some educated guesses based on previous Pokemon titles. Here are the numbers of Pokemon types used in Gyms across the Pokemon series, not counting Grand Trials seen in the Pokemon Sun and Moon games.

  • Water 6
  • Electric 5
  • Fighting 5
  • Grass 5
  • Ice 5
  • Rock 5
  • Fire 4
  • Ghost 4
  • Bug 3
  • Dragon 3
  • Flying 3
  • Normal 3
  • Psychic 3
  • Fairy 2
  • Ground 2
  • Poison 2
  • Steel 2
  • Dark 1

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet may go two ways with the remaining Gym Leaders, namely, Water, Electric, Fire, Fighting, Ice, and Rock-type Pokemon. Or, the remaining Gym Leaders may use the least common types: Dark, Fairy, Ground, Normal, Poison, and Steel-type Pokemon.