Abilities in the Cult of the Lamb Tier List all Abilities ranked

Abilities in the Cult of the Lamb Tier List all Abilities ranked ...

Cult of the Lamb has a large selection of upgrade possibilities, from Curses to Crown Upgrades, which will impact your gameplay experience. Below are some of our favorite abilities that you may unlock in the game.

Best Rituals in Cult of the Lamb

The Ocean's Bounty ritual increases rare fish availability and increases the amount of fish available for three days. This is one of the finest rituals to unlock because, unlike Ritual of the Harvest, the effects of the Ocean's Bounty ritual cannot be replicated via commune upgrades.

In the Sustenance category, Ritual of the Ocean's Bounty is a Tier III upgrade.

Funerals are the way to go when compared to the Resurrection Ritual, which costs 150 Bones and makes the flock's Faith drop by 10, and allows you to conduct ceremonial services for deceased members. Living cultists may then grieve at the gravesite to generate devotion.

If your followers believe in Sacrifice or the Afterlife, this is a ritual that works in tandem to increase faith.

Feasting helps the commune's hunger meter go up, and it gives the commune a Faith boost. Whether your commune has been cursed into starvation or you haven't been around long enough to make some Grassy Gruels, feasting is an easy ritual that will alleviate hunger issues and make your followers feel better about your leadership.

Best Crown upgrades in Cult of the Lamb

Choose Darkness Within when you get the first chance to choose a Crown Upgrade, as it'll give you a Diseased Heart at the start of every crusade. These are super useful as they cause every opponent on screen to lose health whenever they hit damage.

Once you have Diseased Heart, it's a good idea to unlock Omnipresence. This upgrade allows you to focus and return to the commune at any time during a crusade run, which will be useful when the Old Gods begin to inflict sickness and starvation upon your cult members. Later on, you'll also need to return to farm supplies in order to escape.

Best Curses in Cult of the Lamb

The Divine Guardian is hands down the best Curse in the game. When used, it grants you two seconds of invincibility and reflect any bullet sent your way back onto your foe. This is handy for those moments when you are swamped with flame throwers and just need a second to settle yourself out.

Need we say more? Four tentacles shoot out from the lamb in the shape of a cross.

When you activate this Curse, you won't have to worry about which direction you're facing, unlike Touch of Turua or Passage of the Mariner. The multi-directional tentacles will take out everything in their reach.

Hounds of Fate is a great Curse for those who struggle with aim or who often loses the lamb amid the horde of opponents.

Divine Blizzard is a fantastic Curse if you just need a little extra time. Not only does this Curse knock enemies away from you, but it freezes them as well, giving you the advantage over the others.

The Oath of the Crown is a melee attack that may incapacitate users who have been hit by the Curse. Use the possession to your advantage and you may eliminate entire rooms of foes with ease.

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