For Fortnite, guess the song's map codes, here are the answers

For Fortnite, guess the song's map codes, here are the answers ...

In Creative Mode, players enjoy various games with different rules. Besides the usual battle royale grind, players may earn a lot of XP playing the unique Creative maps available in the game.

The Guess The Song map is a great way to get into this creative map.

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All Guess The Song Fortnite Map Codes List

Updated: September 7, 2022

Here's a look at all the Guess The Song Fortnite map codes.

  • Guess The Song | Team Rhythm3337-6317-0071
  • Hits of the 1990s-2000s0720-6772-9721
  • Guess The Song #1(25 Pop Songs)1573-0056-5885
  • Guess The Song 2 | Team Rhythm3211-6945-3270
  • Guess The Song #2 (20 Pop Songs)1861-6535-6769
  • Guess The Song #2 (20 Song)0400-4694-3989
  • Guess The Song 3 | Team Rhythm1098-1916-7492
  • Guess The Song (20 Songs)0664-9080-4931
  • Music Block Island #231612-6430-6799
  • Guess The Song (34 Songs) - Music Blocks4123-0100-6140

Players must recognize and answer correct to move on to the next stage in this creative map, which has four different areas. Players may only select the wrong song if they do not know it.

The Hits of the 1990s-2000s is a Fortnite-exclusive minigame music quiz map that includes iconic tunes from the 1990s to the 2000s. You will need to identify the song quickly and enter the room with the correct option to progress in the game.

This Creative Island is one of Fortnite's finest Guess The Song maps, with over 25 popular pop songs that everyone has heard. You may play this map alone or with friends to test your musical knowledge. Players will be eliminated if they do not guess the correct song.

Guess The Song 2 | Team Rhythm Creative Island has a mission to help you progress on the map and earn coins. Each level has a different genre category, making it easier for players to recognize the tunes. After guessing the correct answer and going through the option doors, players will be awarded coins.

Players will hear some of the most famous pop songs of all time on this Creative Island. To progress ahead, players will be asked to identify the tune and walk in through the correct option. Start again, pay attention to the tune, and guess the song correctly to begin the game.

This Creative Island contains over 20 songs from different genres, and players must identify them correctly. It has a maximum 16-player limit and follows the same rules as other Guess The Song maps in Fortnite. Players don't get eliminated, instead, a laughing sound plays every time you guess the wrong song.

This Guess The Song map was created by dehalfwit, and it consists of a number of popular tunes. Each tune will be different from the previous one, and you must pay attention and identify them correctly to progress. You may also collect coins by guessing the correct songs to continue with other genres.

This Guess The Song map, created by itsgloxinia, contains over 20 unique songs that players may recognize. This minigame music quiz Creative Island has a 16-player limit. Start by guessing the correct songs and answers will be displayed in the correct section.

Another popular ZeroK creative island is Music Block Island. This map has a 16-player limit, and the songs are revealed at the start.

ZeroK has created this map, which can queue up to 16 players. Identify these popular songs and run through the door with the correct song option. Selecting the wrong song will immediately eliminate players, and you will have to replay the song again.

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