In Pokemon Unite, the Best Mew Builds

In Pokemon Unite, the Best Mew Builds ...

Mew is a Ranged Attack in Pokemon Unite and greatly benefits from increasing their Special Attack to deal more damage. They are a unique Pokemon that has three different move choices for their first and second moves, giving Mew more versatility than any other Pokemon. Mew can change this constantly, and these are the best Mew builds in Pokemon Unite.

Best Uses for Mew in Pokemon Unite

Mew, a Ranged Attacker, is best played from a distance from enemy Pokemon. It helps itself and its Allies maintain a safe distance by increasing their Movement Speed by 15% whenever Mew uses a move for two seconds. It also has the Move Reset Ability at level 5, allowing Mew to reset both of its moves whenever it is learned.

Mew's Moves

Mew will have a choice of learning Electro Ball, Solar Beam, or Surf. Electro Ball has a four-second cooldown and increases damage as faster as the target's HP rises. It also grants Mew a shield for three seconds.

Mew will learn Coaching, Light Screen, or Agility. Coaching provides a shield for three seconds, a 40% boost in Basic Attack Speed for two seconds, and can be used repeatedly on enemies who haven't been coached within seven seconds of each other. It also reduces the damage that Mew receives by 25% and acts as a wall for enemies when used. Agility is the most straightforward of the three moves and gives Mew a 20% Movement Speed boost.

Mew's Unite Move begins at level eight and has a 123 second cooldown. When activated, Mew will become invincible for six seconds and will make itself and all of its allies fully stealthed. After players come out, the field will do damage to anyone within it.

Best Held and Battle Items for Mew

Held and Battle Items become much more crucial in determining how effective they are during a match with Mew. Players may choose to go for an even build to ensure Mew survives more encounters or go for full damage to defeat Pokemon quickly and efficiently.

  • Choice Specs - Provides Mew with more damage and makes builds with Light Screen even stronger.
  • Focus Band - Mew is very frail but can escape many encounters with the enemy due to both Light Screen and Agility. Recovering its HP with Focus Band gives Mew enough time to survive, run, and snipe enemy Pokemon with a well timed Solar Beam or Electro Ball.
  • Shell Bell - Keeping Mew healthy is important in matches but the small Special Attack buff from Shell Bell can mean the difference between a knockout and an enemy surviving a snipe.
  • Sp. Atk Specs - Mew's high mobility makes scoring much easier than other Pokemon. Even without a Score Shield, this item can be considered for quick scores to build stacks fast and early.
  • Wise Glasses - The Special Attack increase is percentage based and will scale with Mew's very sudden rise in Special Attack in the late game. It is to be considered on any DPS build.
  • X Attack - The Special Attack buff from this item is perfect for Solar Beam snipes or finishing off Pokemon with Electro Ball.
  • X Speed - Slow down is extremely powerful in the gain and if move gets caught in something like a Slowbro's Scald, Mew can get overwhelmed easily. By removing speed penalties and debuffs, Mew can avoid this, catch up to enemies, or ensure a score at the end of a match.

Best Builds for Mew

High damage is common among the many different builds Mew can employ. No matter the build, Mew should remain in the back. A Melee Attacker can defeat Mew in no time. Mew players will find that hiding in the grass will give them good results in removing Pokemon that are already low or taking Pokemon out of position.

Solar Beam and Light Screen are the most powerful moves in Mew's game. This is due to Solar Beam's range and ability to attack many targets at the same time. X Attack makes Mew one of the most deadly Pokemon to encounter from a distance.

Surf and Coaching can be extremely powerful when dealing with high DPS Pokemon. Coaching can be used to deter opponents from running or from using their moves or scoring. Resetting these moves after the Shields have been applied is a great strategy as well, giving Mew the chance to DPS after giving their allies what they need.

Mew's move combinations may be reset with a 20 second cooldown. Players may then modify their moves whenever they need to in team battles.