In Solos, a Warzone 2 player acquires the world's first melee-only Nuke

In Solos, a Warzone 2 player acquires the world's first melee-only Nuke ...

One player has managed to acquire Warzone 2's Nuke without firing a single bullet and only using melee weapons such as the Riot Shield.

The Tactical Nuke is a deadly Killstreak that wins the game for your team in Warzone 2, and the only way to get your hands on it is to win five matches in a row before completion of a special quest.

The task of accomplishing this requires a lot of patience and effort from players, as winning five matches in a row is no easy task. However, one player has managed to secure the Nuke without firing any bullets.

ConnerDose, a Warzone 2 content creator and streamer, uploaded a video of his own gameplay on January 11, in which he attempted to complete the requirements for getting the Nuke without firing a weapon.

Instead, the player would bring a knife to a gunfight, relying on melee weapons and takedowns without any assistance from allies. He would equip the Riot Shield for protection while launching rifles and knives at opponents.

This was a difficult task, as opponents would often shoot him down, and he would need to maintain self-revives to stay in the game.

ConnerDose was able to attain his goal of getting his hands on the Tactical Nuke and calling it in for the first time in solos of a Warzone 2 player receiving a "melee-only Nuke."

"The first melee Nuke in the world!" he exclaimed with delight, right here in the ConnerDose channel! With Warzone 2 Season 2, it remains to be seen whether the Nuke challenges will be changed.

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