Patch Notes for God of War Ragnarok Update 3.002 have been released

Patch Notes for God of War Ragnarok Update 3.002 have been released ...

The PS5 patch for God of War Ragnarok Update 3.002 has been released today, January 23, with patch notes finally available. The update went live at about 10:51 am PT, while the patch notes were somewhat delayed, coming up at about 2:00 pm PT.

Update 3.002 isn't the version for New Game Plus.

Update 3.002's official website states that it "provides a partial remedy to an issue where encounters may incorrectly respawn." We wish it had more, honestly.

ProsperoPatches suggests that you have the 6.02 firmware on your PlayStation 5 for completeness. This patch note [v 03.02] is named in the Santa Monica Studio database following a previous convention.

The God of War Ragnarok 3.002 update has been reported on the game's Reddit. One user claims that the update resolves minor bug issues, including one that allows the player to continue the main quest. Another user claims that the update makes the game crash after a minute.

Update 3.01 for the game was a fairly straightforward update. It fixed a bug where the central sword would not appear properly if a player restarted from a checkpoint during a Muspelheim challenge, and fixed two crashes, albeit rare ones, that would occur during gameplay.

The much-requested New Game Plus mode is expected to be released sometime in Spring 2023 by Santa Monica Studio. Details are still sketchy about what the developer will include in this mode, as well as whether or not you will be able to upgrade your weapons and armor in future playthroughs.