Deadpool 3 Is Hypned for Marvel R-Rated Content

Deadpool 3 Is Hypned for Marvel R-Rated Content ...

Deadpool 3, the first ever R-rated film from Marvel Studios, was just teased by one of the studio's new directors.

For the first time in MCU history, Marvel Studios is about to focus on R-rated entertainment in theaters and on Disney+, taking a break from its usual PG-13-rated behaviors. This will be seen most prominently from director Shawn Levy on Deadpool 3, which is preceded by two of the three highest-grossing R-rated films ever made.

Many are concerned that Deadpool 3 will not go far enough with the R-rating to make the character's MCU debut worthwhile.

Now, director Shawn Levy has taken the opportunity to clarify the minds of fans about the topic, revealing how far Marvel Studios intends to go down that path.

Deadpool 3 Is Hyped for Marvel R-Rated Content

Shawn Levy, the director of Deadpool 3, spoke with Collider about how hard he and his team are working on the upcoming three-part series, including on its status as the Marvel Cinematic Universe's first R-rated film.

Levy praised Hugh Jackman's reprise as Wolverine and said that "the violence is in your face and hardcore."

Although Marvel is still a ways off from shooting the film, Levy underscored how enjoyable it is to work on something that's "so filled with self-awareness" on top of its rating, making it quite exciting with the uniqueness of Deadpool as a character.

Levy retraced his efforts on The Internship, which he reduced from an R-rated film to a PG-13 film. He characterized it as one of his "no regrets" in his directing career, stating that he would not make the same mistake again this time.

Levy is holding no R-Rated Madness back.

Deadpool's arrival in the comics and past movies prompted questions about whether the character would be his crass, cursing, violent self, which is well-known among artists. All signs indicate that there are no issues keeping Deadpool from his R-rated nature.

Deadpool 3's R-rated shenanigans aren't planned yet, although the first two films had a fair share of gore, F-bombs, sex romps, and other assorted humor.

Hugh Jackman has also promised that he'll never be the same old Wolverine as people saw in his previous films, especially when he becomes more violent and aggressive than ever in 2017's Logan. And, although Marvel Studios hasn't tackled anything particularly adult-oriented yet, Deadpool 3 might only be the start of a shift in that realm.

Deadpool 3 will be released in theaters on November 8, 2024.