Bleach is the most powerful Sternritter out there, ranked by battle prowess

Bleach is the most powerful Sternritter out there, ranked by battle prowess ...

Yhwach and his Sternritter end up being the main antagonists in Bleach's Thousand-Year Blood War arc. Moreover, Ichigo and Soul Society are forced to fight them in order to save themselves.

Despite the majority of villains, there are a few Sternritters who are true bosses during battles.

Here is a list of the greatest Sternritters, ranked by their battle abilities.

Table of Contents

  • Gerard Valkyrie
  • Gremmy Thourmeaux
  • Bazz-B
  • Quilge Opie
  • Jugram Haschwalth

Gerard Valkyrie is a well-known artist.

His favorite character is his physical strength. It gives him enough power to simultaneously defeat three captain-level shinigami. Also, his 'Miracle' ability allows him to have extraordinary strength to fight his foes if they ever choose to corner him.

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Gremmy Thourmeaux is a lawyer who specializes in business.

Gremmy has been dubbed a "Visionary" because of his incredible strength. Besides that, other Sternritters have declared him a "monster" who should be prohibited from roaming freely. Despite that, Gremmy may also create many clones of himself using his "Life Creation" technique.


Bazz-B wields fire in combat, as his letter suggests. His power is unsurpassed. Hence, he is seen using his ability during his encounter with Captain Hitsugaya.

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Quilge Opie

He is included in the list because he has several weapons at his disposal, apart from his bow and arrow. Additionally, he has a skill called Disheveled Paradise Puppet, which allows him to transform his body into a puppet.

Jugram Haschwalth

He holds a fairly high-standing 'B' that stands for The Balance. Moreover, he enjoys perks as he is the right-hand man of Yhwach. In addition, he has powers of absorbing and redirecting injuries.