Release Date, Spoilers, and Other Details for Eleceed Chapter 226

Release Date, Spoilers, and Other Details for Eleceed Chapter 226 ...

Here's all you need to know about Eleceed Chapter 226.

Table of Contents

  • About: Eleceed
  • Eleceed Chapter 225: A Quick Recap
  • Eleceed Chapter 226: What To Expect?
  • Eleceed Chapter 226: Release Date
  • Eleceed Chapter 226: Where And How To Read?

Eleceed's About:

Eleceed is a long-running manhwa series created by Son Jae-ho, with Zenha serving as the illustrator.

The series follows the story of a youngster with quick reflexes who meets Kayden, a secret agent on the run, but becomes stuck in the body of a cat.

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A Quick Recap of Eleceed Chapter 225

Soobin was the focus of the previous chapter. Moreover, it indicated that her grandfather would begin training her so that she may return to her old school.

Jiwoo is seen attempting to contact her but to no avail. Kayden advised his disciple to avoid investigating Soobin's case, which further questioned Jiwoo's reasoning.

What to Expect From Eleceed Chapter 226?

Although no spoilers for the next chapter have been leaked yet, we believe that Jiwoo will continue to work on solving the mystery surrounding Soobin.

Aside from that, the chapter may reveal why Soobin left her previous school, since the reason for her actions hasn't been revealed.

Release Date for Eleceed Chapter 226

Eleceed's chapter 226 is expected to be released on the 28th of December 2022. It will be released at midnight in Korea.

Au├čerdem, the book will be released worldwide on the following dates and times:

  • Pacific Daylight Time: 9.00 am
  • Central Daylight Time: 11.00 am
  • Eastern Daylight Time: Noon
  • British Summer Time: 5.00 pm
  • Indian Standard Time: 9.30 pm
  • Singapore Standard Time: midnight
  • Philippines Standard Time: midnight
  • Australia Time: 2.00 am

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Where Can I Find Eleceed Chapter 226?

The official website of Naver has a link to the English-translated version of the upcoming Eleceed chapter. However, you would need to purchase a subscription to view the chapter.

The previous chapters of the manhwa series are also available on the Webtoons application as well as here.