Naruto: The Tailed Beasts, Ranging From Strongest To Weakest

Naruto: The Tailed Beasts, Ranging From Strongest To Weakest ...

The tailed beasts are known to be the most powerful being among the many powerful characters in the Naruto universe.

These huge chakra forms are created by the Sage of Six Paths himself. Moreover, the tailed beasts can do enormous damage to their opponents.

Nevertheless, who is the most powerful being among these otherwise most powerful beings?

Here is a list that enumerates the tailed beasts from the tiniest to the strongest.

Table of Contents

  • The Ten-Tails (Juubi)
  • Nine-Tails (Kurama)
  • Eight-Tails (Gyuki)
  • Seven-Tails (Chomei)
  • Six-Tails (Saiken)
  • Five-Tails (Kokuo)
  • Four-Tails (Son Goku)
  • Three-Tails (Isobu)
  • Two-Tails (Matatabi)
  • One-Tails (Shukaku)

The Ten-Tails (Juubi)

During the Fourth Great Ninja War, Juubi sprang across the battlefield and returned to life.

Kurama (Nine-Tails)

Naruto, the titular character in the series, has nine-tails. Kurama is feared by everyone because he once destroyed the Hidden Leaf Village.

Gyuki's Eight-Tails

Gyuki's octopus tail can do a lot of damage, and can exorcise genjutsu of any kind.

Chomei) Seven-Tails

Chomei used to live in Takigakure, Fu's Jinchuriki. Additionally, he can use his wings to blind his opponents. Chomei may also use other insect abilities like biting.

Six-Tails (Saiken)

Saiken grew up in Kirigakure, Utakata's Ninja. He is also a slug who is exceptionally skilled in Water Release.

Five-Tails (Kokuo)

Kokuo grew up in Ninja, a deceased Hidden Stone Villager. He has since developed one of the most dangerous abilities used in a battle, namely the Boil Release Kekkei Genkai.

Four-Tails (Son Goku)

Son Goku is an ape that inhabited Roshi, a deceased Hidden Stone Village ninja. Besides that, he is extremely strong and capable of using the Lava Release Kekkei Genkai.

Isobu) Three-Tails

Isobu used to live in Kirigakure. He has the ability to invoke Water Release. Although he can be an effective opponent in the water, he would lose a battle on land.

Why is Kurama so disproportionately powerful than the other tailed animals?

Mattatabi (two-tails)

Matatabi grew up in Yugito Nii's Hidden Cloud Village. In addition, she has the ability to Fire Release.

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One-Tails (Shukaku)

Shukaku, Gaara's One-Tails, is the most powerful of the Tailed Beasts. Although he is considered to be the weakest, his advanced sealing abilities outrank the other Tailed Beasts.