How Eternals Connects to Captain America 4 (Rumor)

How Eternals Connects to Captain America 4 (Rumor) ...

The cliffhanger finale of Eternals has been rumored to sway a surprise movie in the MCU's Phase 5 in a significant way.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has always been a tightly linked universe, with the important events of each project regularly affecting others. So, with over a year passed since Eternals saw the deceased Celestial Tiamut sticking out of the Indian Ocean, many are wondering why it has yet to be addressed.

After a news site displayed a related article with the headline, "Why there is a gigantic man sticking out of the ocean," She-Hulk offered the first acknowledgment of the cosmic shocker.

Given Namor's participation in the underwater kingdom of Talokan, many believed Black Panther: Wakanda Forever to be the first film to fully address the consequences of the Eternals. And now, it appears an MCU Phase 5 film might be the first to utilize the fallen Celestial.

How Eternals Connects to Captain America 4 (Rumor)

Captain America: New World Order will finally address the Eternals that ended 2021, leaving the deceased Celestial Tiamut floating out of the Indian Ocean after being calcified by Gemma Chan's Sersi.

After the X-Men-related metal is discovered on Tiamut, the MCU sequel will focus on an international dispute over Adamantium, which has since become an island since the Eternals, according to the insider. "Every country wants a piece of [Adamantium] and to claim the island as their own."

Thunderbolt Ross, created by Harrison Ford, will be the villain of Captain America 4, although there will be more involved, including The Leader.

Ross, who has been elected President of the United States, will fight for the island of Adamantium “at all costs.” According to the rumors, Sam Wilson's Captain America would stand in the way of these efforts by “assembling a new group of heroes to oppose him.”

This announcement should be treated solely as a rumor, with all official information concerning Captain America: New World Order remaining a secret.

Adamantium Goes To War In the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Fans have been waiting for the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) to deal with the large-scale catastrophe event after the Eternals. Captain America: New World Order is a dark horse.

Despite its lack of cosmic connections, the arrival of an enormous figure in the ocean would naturally attract the attention of international governments in an effort to be the first to investigate.

The discovery of a potential adversary to Black Panther 2 would undoubtedly stoke a global conflict, especially among nations like the United States. Sam Wilson might object to President Ross excavating Tiamut in order to avoid an escalated conflict.

Although no decision on how exactly this global conflict will relate to the known "paranoid thriller" genre of Captain America 4, the consequences of this discovery will likely impact other MCU projects, including Thunderbolts, with its probable links to New World Order.

President Thunderbolt Ross' quest to get his hands on Adamantium also sets the stage for him to develop the MCU's Weapon X program, according to New World Order. This is the government effort that gave the mutant Logan his Adamantium skeleton, and it may be the first step towards introducing Wolverine from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.