Why will Warzone 2's DMZ always be unsatisfactory? Shroud explains why Warzone 2's DMZ will always be unsatisfactory

Why will Warzone 2's DMZ always be unsatisfactory? Shroud explains why Warzone 2's DMZ will always b ...

Michael 'Shroud' Grzesiek, an FPS icon and top streamer, discussed his thoughts about Warzone 2's DMZ and why he believes it will "always be bad."

The battle royale also provided an extraction shooter experience with the DMZ mode when Warzone 2 was released. Some consider the Tarkov-style DMZ mode to be a welcome change from the traditional battle royale. Others believe the DMZ lacks some critical polish.

Shroud, a well-known streamer, agrees that DMZ is not only rough around the edges, but also on the verge of disaster.

Modern Warfare 2 shares a unified cross-progression system that allows players to continue their Call of Duty journey no matter their preferred gameplay experience.

Shroud explained that DMZ's failed progression system is the culprit in a January 23 stream. Here's what the CS: GO legend said about DMZ's impossibility.

Shroud accuses the DMZ of being a waste of time.

DMZ's relationship to Warzone 2 is explained in the video: "What they're trying to accomplish, and a lot of games are trying to do this, is create an ecosystem within their own game where everything like benefits each other."

While Shroud agrees that the Warzone 2, Modern Warfare 2, and DMZ ecosystem is a neat feature, he maintains that "it's not that important," and that it's actually causing harm to the mode more than helping it.

Shroud believes that by treating DMZ as a separate standalone experience, it isn't getting the recognition it deserves: "The issue with Call of Duty trying to make a DMZ survival extraction looter shooter bulls**** is that they're still tying into that system."

"As long as they're always tying into that cross-progression system, it will always be bad," says the DMZ CEO. In the shadow of Warzone 2 and Modern Warfare 2, Shroud believes DMZ will fail to succeed.

The Season 2 update did contain information that DMZ will get some new content, but it probably won't help Shroud's main issue with the mode.

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