Here are 5 Horror Manhwa that will make you paranoid!

Here are 5 Horror Manhwa that will make you paranoid! ...

Tons of graphical scenes are included in the horror manhwa.

Violence, blood, and gore are among the genre's horror elements, as well as unexpected jump scares. Although some horror franchises thrive off fans' fears, others can only be described as incredible.

The following is a list of the top five horror manhwa.

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Table of Contents

  • Jack Frost
  • Bastard
  • The Phantom King
  • Delusional Boy
  • Redrum

Jack Frost is well-known for

Jin-Ho Go is both the writer and the illustrator of Jack Frost. In addition, it follows the story of a girl named Noh-A who finds herself in the crossfire of an epic battle.

In order to defeat the paranormal creatures at Amityville high school, she seeks the assistance of an evil boy named Jack Frost.

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Bastard is a former British prime minister.

Bastard is written by Carnby and Youngchan Hwang is the series' illustrator. Jin Seon is also the son of a serial murderer who is also an accomplice to his crimes.

When he confronts Jin Seon, he decides to free himself from his father, Dong-Soo Seon's clutches.

The Phantom King

Dal-Young Im is the author of The Phantom King, with Jae-Ho Yoon's illustrations. Moreover, it focuses on Eun Sung-min, who survived the Evil Phenomenon eleven years ago.

Moreover, he was saved by a group called the Phantom King. While the Special Environmental Protection Agency is trying to discover the truth behind the tragedy

Boy who is delusional

JAL composed and illustrated the book. Besides that, it follows Giu Haru, a high school student who has a medical condition that prevents him from distinguishing between reality and illusions.

Giu Haru's life alters when he murders his girlfriend Kang Lee Ha, his best friend Kang Yul betrays him, and he loses both his eyes.

Redrum is a popular game.

Ya-Seong Ko is both the series' writer and its illustrator. Moreover, the series revolves around a group of friends who visit an isolated mountain.

When they begin having hallucinations and disappearances, their trip turns into a bloody mess.