Daredevil From What Sector? Is he a Matt Murdock Variant?

Daredevil From What Sector? Is he a Matt Murdock Variant? ...

Charlie Cox was asked if the Matt Murdock who appeared in Spider-Man: No Way Home and She-Hulk is the same as the Netflix version, or if he is a different Multiversal version:

For the time being, Cox avoided using the term "variant," instead he continued jokingly stating that he hasn't yet read any scripts for Born Again, which might indicate that he isn't entirely knowledgeable about his character's canon status:

Cox also referred to how Murdock was presented in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, which was a far less humorous portrayal. However, the actor asserts that he will continue to portray his character the way he did on the Netflix series:

Cox cautioned fans not to assume that the same story beats will be covered by the same subtitle.

Is Matt Murdock a Variant?

It's particularly interesting that Charlie Cox used the term "variant" when describing Daredevil's role in Born Again.

The multi-versal versions of the MCU's characters will surely be known as "Variants." Cox may have not read a single line from the program, but he has been talked to by Kevin Feige and his crew of producers about where Daredevil is in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in terms of canon.

Perhaps Cox means that he has been playing a variant of Matt from the Multiverse in his Marvel Studios appearances thus far and into the future. Of course, that would conflict with his claims that he has been acting as the Netflix version.

It's still very difficult to determine for absolute certainty whether or not Daredevil from the Marvel Cinematic Universe is the same as the one from the Netflix series. There are compelling arguments for both sides.

When Disney+ launches in early 2024, Daredevil: Born Again will hopefully put this disagreement to rest.