What Motives Did Marvel Rush Echos' Production? Echo Issues Reflect Larger MCU Flaws

What Motives Did Marvel Rush Echos' Production? Echo Issues Reflect Larger MCU Flaws ...

Marion Dayre, well-known for her work as story editor and writer on the high-intensity drama Better Call Saul, spoke on Echo's tense production process on the podcast The Writer's Panel via The Cosmic Circus.

Dayre answered the question about how the Breaking Bad spin-off influenced her work on Marvel's Echo. The Marvel show forced her to adapt her working style to "work with deadlines."

Dayre referred to Echo's performance as a "crash course" while arguing that this differed from how she approached Better Call Saul. For the former, Dayre used a "brick-by-brick technique," where each episode was "three times."

When it came to writing an episode for the 2019 limited series The Act, Dayre drew from his experiences, although The Act was “quite quickly.”

The information gained from her involvement in a limited series allowed the writer to sketch out "some tentpoles that we've more or less become stuck with."

However, Dayre was able to find workarounds, it's clear that the talent prefers a more methodological approach to her work, admitting that "if [she] had all the time in the world," she would have done it a little differently.

Echo Issues Suffer from Larger MCU Flaws

Perhaps the rushed production of Marvel's Echo reflects the problem at Marvel's core as the Multiverse Saga continues to develop.

The studio has had a rocky start. After the huge opening weekend at the end of Phase 3, fans had a shaky reaction to Phase 4. Over the previous two years, people have reacted kindly to the news.

Several of these problems are related to a focus on quantity rather than quality, and the Disney company is unable to utilize its streaming service effectively.

People are experiencing "burn-out" when watching Marvel content – and even Star Wars – through Disney's insistence on releasing as much as possible.

Audiences are dragged down by too strict, and some animators are even suffocating, deadlines. Earlier in the year, VFX artists argued that Marvel Studios is "awful" to work for, even urging others to quit the business altogether.

Fans can only hope that Marvel Studios changes its ways and begins to improve its processes.

This will enthuse fans, but also improve the production overall, allowing the artists to feel more in control of their ideas, and giving the VFX artists the time they need to perfect their work.

Echo is expected to be released in the summer of 2023, although it is thought to be postponed until early 2024.