Iron Man Spin-Off Film Will Be Set Up Through Secret Invasion

Iron Man Spin-Off Film Will Be Set Up Through Secret Invasion ...

Don Cheadle, the actor who plays War Machine, revealed that Disney+'s Secret Invasion series would be the setting for an upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe film.

Secret Invasion was always anticipated to be an important piece of the Marvel Cinematic Universe puzzle based on the comic event series it will adapt alone. That significance only became evident when Marvel Studios themselves designated the Disney+ project as the first "crossover event series."

Martin Freeman, an Everett Ross actor, has since teased the crossover scale by referring to the amount of people who are crossing over with each other. And the odd cast of 12 newcomer actors and characters from across the Marvel Cinematic Universe has only strengthened the perception of the larger scale.

Fans are anticipating the Disney+ series' similar impact, given that the Secret Invasion comic event shaped the Marvel universe and revealed several heroes as Skrulls. While its larger impact on the Marvel Cinematic Universe remains unclear, one of the actors has revealed at least one film it will create.

Iron Man Spin-Off Movie Will Be Set Up Through Secret Invasion

Don Cheadle, a James Rhodes actor, mentioned how Secret Invasion will set the stage for his next Armor Wars film, which was recently converted from a tiny to a large-screen affair.

Cheadle referred to the MCU's sweeping expansion since the Infinity Saga's conclusion as "bananas," before revealing that there's "a part of" Secret Invasion that "kicks off what happens in Armor Wars:."

The MCU's mainstay then touched on recent quality concerns, expressing his hope that the franchise "doesn't get spread too thin" and that there continues to be "some quality control."

Marvel Studios' own quality concerns about Phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe have been revealed in a recent report from The Cosmic Circus, which stated that the company would "re-evaluating the future releases" and would continue to "create more quality control."

On the topic of Armor Wars, the actor outlined what War Machine can offer fans, saying that his solo spin-off provides an opportunity to "make him a three-dimensional guy" while "paying off the Marvel stuff:"

How Will Secret Invasion Tease Armor Wars?

The prospect of Secret Invasion directly establishing Armor Wars suggests that Don Cheadle's Rhodey would play a major role in the Disney+ series. However, with the entire cast currently composed of spies, Skrulls, and government agents, it's unclear whether he will play War Machine this time around.

Any improvement in Rhodes' character would be necessary in preparation for Armor Wars, especially since his only post-Endgame appearance has been in a few scenes in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. Rhodey's only major impact on his life in recent years is unknown to fans.

Cheadle's assertion that "a part of [Secret Invasion]..." begins what happens in Armor Wars suggests that he is talking about story direction rather than character development. Would Rhodey prove to be a Skrull all along? That would definitely change things up in his standalone Marvel film.

Armor Wars had just gone from a Disney+ series to a blockbuster film a few months ago, because Marvel Studios believed the narrative was too big for the small screen, and this will prove to be a much more significant piece of the Marvel Cinematic Universe than initially assumed, especially with it moving out of Secret Invasion.