Who is Blue Marvel from Marvel Comics? The Marvel Cinematic Universe's Own Black Superman

Who is Blue Marvel from Marvel Comics? The Marvel Cinematic Universe's Own Black Superman ...

Another Marvel Studios executive reintroduced their own perspective on a Black Superman-like character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe after previously being teased.

Nate Moore, the vice president of production and development at Marvel Studios, appears to want to bring Blue Marvel to Marvel Studios' super-powered franchise, a character that has been introduced in the past.

Teyonah Parris discussed her desire to return to the MCU as a love interest for her Monica Rambeau, who she describes as "apprehensive."

Blue Marvel has come up once again, implying that a MCU debut for the character might be closer than one might expect.

Black Superman is the MCU's own character.

Nate Moore, Marvel Studios' Vice President of Production & Development on Deadline's podcast, said he's interested in bringing Blue Marvel to the MCU, a character similar to DC's Superman.

Moore was asked what Marvel character he wants to see come to the franchise, and he readily replied, stating that he's a "fabulous character" who "possesses almost Superman's strength and powers."

The executive of Marvel Studios lamented that the character is interesting because in the comics he's a Black superhero operating in "the powder keg of the Civil Rights era."

This comes as Warner Bros. (WB) and DC are developing their own Black Superman film, with J.J. Abrams as the producer. There is no release date for the film, but it has been noted that the comic book epic is still moving ahead at WB.

Blue Marvel: Who is it from Marvel Comics?

At this point, it seems like a matter of when or if a Blue Marvel project will be announced on the MCU calendar. Adam Brashear (the hero's alter-ego) is primed and ready for a live action role.

The possibilities of it happening are high if higher-ups at Marvel Studios like Nate Moore have the character as their number-one choice for a film or television adaptation. It might also be an interesting project to tackle, dealing with issues that are often overlooked in the comic book film genre.

Sure, fans would not get the Monica Rambeau love story Teyonah Parris desires so badly in a Blue Marvel film, but Marvel Studios may craft a story about a disgruntled hero who, despite his appearance, cannot receive the credit he deserves.

During the 1960s, there were many faceless heroes, and this could be a fascinating historical allegory for the Marvel Cinematic Universe if Marvel Studios were to find the right people to take on such a challenging narrative challenge.

Plus, it might be interesting to see both Blue Marvel's and DC's Black Superman films take place within a short time frame.

Blue Marvel has a few qualities that make him unique, such as being able to absorb anti-matter and create forcefields, but it's hard to ignore the similarities between the two heroes.

This unusual circumstance might serve as a market and narrative experiment for Warner Bros. and Marvel Studios.